• Blimken is a little bitch!

  • Sec Blinken thinks Hamid Karzai is still President of Afghanistan he left the Office of President in September of 2014... He is also apparently unaware that the Taliban are a US State Department listed TERRORIST organization.  Any government they form is by definition a Terrorist Government.  Every time Sec. Blinken opens his mouth he puts his foot in it. The man is incompetent.

    I wonder does Blinken actually think the Taliban give a damn what Bliken of the rest of the world thinks... Does anyone actually believe that the Talian view their new government as an "INTERM Temporary Government" and that they will roll over to any dictates by Biden or the rest of the world? This man is drinking his own Kool-aide and it ain't helping.

    Finally, Islamic fundamentalist organizations don't condone diversity... it is their way or literally nothing. If you want diversity you will not find it in Islam.

  • We have Blinken, where's winnken and nod? I am showing my age. 

  • Expecting diversity from radical Jahadists - my only comment to our very very very ineffective government is Get Real!!!  These are the same people who won't allow girls to be educated; kill LGBT's; take child brides. 

  • I think Biden Administration needs a major inniative, a new face for the Peace Corps.  Infuse it with a  more "Woke" cadre of pure ideologues and send them to Afghanistan, the mission of course would be to make Taliban more "Woke," if not to say hip and inclusive. 

    Now there's a "Two-fer" for America and speaking of Clinton and the phrases they coined, why not the perfect tri-fecta?  Make this new Peace Corp headed by Hillary who veritably sings to leftest women and "Hatch face" Madeline Allbright with Susan Rice as clean up.  Those three faces along would turn the Taliban to stone.  

  • Stupid idiot

  • Stinkin' Blinken is a pecker-head. And that's his best trait!!

  • THAT is what he's worried about?!?   How can anyone say the Leftists aren't insane and keep a straight face???

  • where is representative omar

  • The taliban is based on the muslim cult.  One of its basic tenets is that women are no more than chattel.  Why would anyone think that there would be women in the government???



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