• If he said it, you know its BULLSHIT. These bastards are not capable of telling the truth.

    The NWO is most likely funding both sides in the Russia/Ukraine conflict.

    • The NWO aka BIDEN CRIME SYNDICATE IS IN BOTH THEIR POCKETS.   Taking bribes from both sides in the $$$ MILLIONS.


  • OH NO my dear Finkster (so how well does this name fit this guy?)!

    The Globalization phenomenon is concluded when the perps are arraigned, tried, and convicted of racketeering and waging an assymetrical war against Humanity, in parallel governance that business has no auspice or authority to do.

    International finance banksterism must be a crime pursued domestically and internationally. Then Globalism will be ended....for the moment. Keep your eyes open.


    A truer image of a lower class.

    • Start with the biden syndicae and the RICO statutes.   Work out from there.  A target rich environment.

    • Mass exocutions aka Nuremberg style sound just right to me. 

  • The Globalists' NWO needs to be purged from the United States. We need to send anyone supporting the NWO to a menta hospital immediately.

  • This is big and congratulations to admin Dee.  She on it like white on rice.  She gets it, takes it down and brings it home.

    • Larry Fink CEO of Blackrock in his letter to investors just announced investors have put the brakes on investment in the global economy reporting that growth hasn't slowed.  It's stopped and investors are removing money and it's all because of the war in Ukraine.  Russia has definitively said, hell no, this is where we make a stand and, or die, if necessary, but you don't get to take over Russia.  Putin is no demented puppet like Biden installed in a coup, foisted on a helpless civilian population geriatric and addled.  

      The media won't tell it to you like it really is, but that's the truth and even a blind man can see it.  And that, according to Larry Fink is what Blackrock's investors saw as they start withdrawing investments from the global markets.  As it turns out, the people who own most of the world and everything in it aren't stupid.  They read the signs fast.  This global economy is in retraction.  It's stopped growing in realization of the fragility and limitations of the model in a contested world.

      Allow me to offer a strained analogy, a comparison to what happened at the battle of Bunker Hill.  American colonial officers were afraid their troops would break and run when the lines of professional, British and Hussin bayonets began closing on their trenches in a run.  This weren't no game they were playing and getting bayoneted is a frightfully hard way to die.  

      The American, colonial officers kept walking the lines behind their men in the lead up to the battle telling them over and over, "Just two shots, that's all I'm asking.  Just reload one time and fire again and then you are free to break and run.  I'm only asking for two rounds boys."  Those New England Yankees and farmer's sons, volunteer, Bostonian tradesmen and apprentices, that civilian, amateur militia nervously eyeballing the distances between the advancing Redcoat line and the time needed to fumble an anxiety ladened reload in order to get off that second round managed to keep their nerve.  They stood and delivered on that June 17 and from that moment on the American revolution was a do, or die proposition reconciliation no longer a possibility.  

      It was close, but they faced down those advancing lines of British troops with gleaming bayonets firing the first round as soon as the British were in range and then reloading, managed to get off a second round before they broke.  Colonial causalities were very light, but the British sustained very heavy loses and they never again forgot the lesson of the price Americans with long guns would extract.  The British took those hills that day, but Howe was recorded to have remarked, "One more victory like this and I won't have an army." 

      First, it was Lexington and Concord with farmers behind every tree inflicting staggering casualties on a retreating army column and then Bunker Hill.  Neither Cornwallis, nor Howe ever forgot those lessons.  Washington's retreating army always got plenty of respect.  The British never closed too fast.  As long as Washington was retreating, he couldn't be beat.  He could always wield, form up and fire, once, twice, and maybe 3x's before dispersing on the run.  The British now understood that much.  The Americans wouldn't fight and lose, but they would fight just long enough to hurt the British.  

      Evidently, Blackrock investors and executives alike have also figured out that Russia won't roll over and forfeit their nation.  Batta ah fucking Boom, just that fast the globalists now no longer enjoy a monopoly on violence.  The Russians under Putin have stood up to them.  Silicone Valley soy boys can't throw an app on ten thousand + nukes mounted on ICBMs as Putin very deliberately seems to be saying, if I lose, I die and, if I die, we all die together.  

      Biden Administration Democrats and the Silicone soy boys may not have quite figured it out yet, but the investment bankers got it.  They got the message, these bankers and investors, generally being more than just a little smarter than the politicians and journalists who work for them. 

      Whether anyone cares to recognize it, or not, Putin and the American people have won, a major victory against the globalist juggernaut of economic and political tyranny. While the fight is far from over.  The Russians seemed to have already forced an unwelcomed understanding.  Shortly even our own, dullard, political leaders will be forced to acknowledge it.  Putin is choosing to fight the globalists head on notwithstanding their CIA aided and supported foreign intrigues in this war of adventurism simply because he has no choice.  Investors see the bigger message.  They can no longer expect to control world markets uncontested.  The equivalent of the Cold War is now back.  Now there are suddenly limits on globalist expansion and that implies competition and those do not favor our corrupt globalists and their new paradigm.  

      With the possible exception of financial investments, which OBTW are now pulling back, theirs is an inferior, corrupt and inefficient, business model, which is only possible when government absolutely controls the market place coercing independent producers and consumers alike who have no options.  That's called tyranny induced by corruption.  Competition and independence is the crucifix to be held up against these vampires.  The money boys were content enough in their wet dreams until the cold morning light of dawn woke the barnyard roosters.

      But the war to retake America is still a very long way from done.  

      Armies they like to tell us, move on their bellies.  It's wrong.  Armies move forward on victories.  Men continue to fight offensively and aggressively when they are winning.  Winning is confidence.  Winning is everything.  These globalists are only invincible when they control the governments that control the markets and that's where the next battles will have to be fought.  Taking back control of our government even, if it means going house to house clearing them one by one and killing the holdouts in place, and even, if it takes a hundred years.  Freedom has a price and, if we value our freedom and our standard of living, we will just have to pay it.

  • The word of the NWO may have been released prematurely, they will go back underground and we'll forget they are still around. They'll keep fomenting from afar and moving silently to strangle our freedoms. 

    • That's the real truth.   The geriatric 'horses ass' as he was identified on FoxNews last night once again couldn't control his mouth.   48 years of failure just doesn't disappear, ti is a predictor of what's to come.   

      Anyone who invests knew long before Putin deployed his troops.   It's not just BlackRock.  He just happens to be the only CEO speaking.  Another slow joe?   There's a list. any fund having investments in CHINA ARE WAY DOWN IN VALUE AND THE INVESTORS ARE LOCKING IN THOSE LOSSES BY CASHING OUT.   It's CHINA that Is the issue, not Russia.   

      The only thing Russia did was expose the incompetence in the current US administration and total fear that we could be in WWIII with a horse's arse leading the way.   Not only that, but that Our military has already been decimated by the horse's arse.   Anybody betting we would win any military or HELL FACE IT, EVEN A VERBAL CONFRONTATION WITH THE MENTAL INCOMPETENT SHOULD CHECK THEIR OWN COMPETENCY.   SAD FACT.

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