• Pay attention to what this Black woman is actually saying...  She is calling out the white race for failing to deal properly with racism.  The underlying message is that racism is a systemic problem within the white race.  I don't see her as being supportive of racial harmony. 

    I see her statement as patronizing and presumptive... giving a pass to CRITICAL RACE THEORY.  Her Statement "You (white men) don't have to be a white supremacist, you can be better".... conveys the underlying message that the WHITE RACE  ARE SUPREMACIST... you're better than that..."  That is not the rhetoric of reconciliation, as it carries the drumbeat of Black racism... and the  Critical Race Theory  She is not working to hold her race accountable for their race-baiting she is in fact ... engaged in the jargon of race-bating.

  • Thank You finally some body with  some common sense.  THANK YOU AGAIN.

    • Thank you for what... calling members of the white race supremacist and suggesting the white race can do better than being racists.  Pay attention to what this woman actually is saying.  she is saying white men need to change... to do better than holding to racism and a systemic racist system.  She is beating the drums of the Critical Race theory.

  • I don't think she can be better; she's too dumb.

  • Smart woman

  • welcome to alyssa milano - typical no talent hollyweird psycho who thinks they speak for everyone

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