Her Name is Bevelyn Beatty

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  • That woman makes me feel bad sitting here on my butt.

  • She has courage, God bless her. A ton more courage than any in Congress that I see. Or A.G.'s. All I see in Congress is cowards. 

  • Heyyyy  Bless her heart!!  She had a right to express her opinion....they should have left her ALONE!!!

  • BLM are mraxist time for Americans to take action and one way is tell this idiots refund the police or we will stop paying our property taxes.

  • should have left her alone

  • Of course on twitter the uneducated dummies are blaming Trump. They think she is working for him. Idiots

  • wouldn't it be ironic if either she or someone she knew owned a business until recently that was destroyed by a blm advocate or someone from the blm assaulted her or killed someone she really cared about

    • You do understand that she was chanting REFUND the police, not defund. So, I think she is on Trump's side.

    • No she is just doing the right thing for her community.

  • Time to round up these Marxist scum 


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