Bernell Trammell, 60, was gunned down in a drive-by shooting on Thursday in the middle of the day in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

He was shot to death in front of his business, eXpressions Journal, which was covered in signs including those showing his support for President Donald Trump. He often held up his signs outside and walked around with them. He spent the past few weeks advocating for Trump’s re-election both in his neighborhood and in front of City Hall in downtown Milwaukee, talking with people who would listen.

Police are investigating if politics played a role in his shooting. According to Reggie Moore, director of Milwaukee’s Office of Violence Prevention, he had recently intervened between Trammell and a young man over a Trump sign he was carrying.

He was also shot near the spot where he’d just given an interview about his support for the president about three hours before that can be seen here.

They do not know yet if politics factored into it but they don’t have a lot of information yet and they aren’t discounting his GOP links.

According to the Daily Mail, members of the community described Trammell as a kind and loving man who wouldn’t hurt anyone, who was a “community figure” who was known for his positions and signs.


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  • Sad

  • Sounds like a warning to other Blacks that may support Trump. Hope they have security videos and catch the scum. Guess his Black life did not matter.



    • 100% correct,instilling fear! That's how Communist Revolutions (incognito) roll. This country better wake up to it!!!


  • A particularly nasty suicide. Do politics have anything to do with it? Is water wet?

  • The far left want to make this a socialist country they want to destroy our government by the people. Time to get our country back. Our children's must learn the real history of our great country and we began by getting all socialist teachers away from our childrens. Remember the is a government by the people.

  • This type of violence that is supported by our government is why I am suing them. The Democrat Party has caused this to happen and needs to be held to account. Sign my petition

    • The Democrat Psrty is trhe enemy within........... SAY IT!............LOUDLY!............We MUST give those afraid to speak such truth the courage to do so!!


  • Obviously the hit was to aversly effect people formsupporting trump. Since the FBI is the most worthless agency since ATF they will do nothing to solve the case and otr any others DEFUND THE FBI and start over

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