FLORIDA — In spite of nationwide lockdowns, cities across the country saw homicides skyrocket in 2020. There was a 55% jump in Chicago, a 36% jump in Los Angeles, and a nearly 45% rise in New York City. Now, at the midway point of 2021, things have only gotten worse. While the question of why crime is skyrocketing out of control, the answer is very simple.

Democrat policy, in conjunction with the extreme leftist ideology, is destroying traditional American values, putting black Americans and police alike at higher risk than ever before. The National Fraternal Order of Police tweets out the deadly statistics.


June 21, 2021

The violence against law enforcement MUST STOP! Ambush-Style Attacks are up over 70% from this time last year. So far this year:

  • 145 officers shot
  • 27 officers killed by gunfire
  • 47 officers shot in 36 separate ambush-style attacks

Time to #SupportThePolice

— National Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) (@GLFOP) June 21, 2021



June 15, 2021, was the deadliest day of the year in Chicago, so far, with eight murders in less than 24 hours.

Four of those senseless deaths came in one shooting incident. Compared to 2019, shootings and murders are up 55%. This spike in violence not only occurred on Chicago’s mean streets, but is happening nationwide, and has impacted cities that had made, up to this point, significant progress in combating gun violence.

Cities like New York, whose murder rates under Mayor Guiliani were below those of London, England, have rapidly risen to surpass most other cities in the world. All under the leadership of Mayor Bill de Blasio.

The number of homicides in six major cities across the country has increased compared to last year

Those homicides disproportionately affecting black people, according to crime data. The Daily Caller News Foundation (DCNF) collected homicide data from Chicago, Baltimore, Milwaukee, Pittsburgh, Los Angeles, and Indianapolis, some of the only cities in which such data is readily available. Most major cities have limited statistics tracking 2021 murders and homicide victims.

However, the number of homicides in six major cities across the country has increased compared to last year, disproportionately affecting black people, according to crime data. Murder statistics show the number of homicides has spiked roughly 18 percent across the country as compared to 2020.

In 2020, the number of murders increased by 36.7 percent compared to 2019, according to data analytics reporter Jeff Asher, the New York Times.

In Chicago, black people have been the victims of roughly 81 percent of the 317 murders in the first six months of 2021, data shows. They were the victims of about 70 percent of the 295 murders committed in the first six months of 2020.

Is this due to the radically left mayor taking the reins of power in the city where crime rates have soared out of control?.

In Milwaukee, that figure increased from 60 percent to 90 percent from 2019 to 2020, it continues to climb in 2021. Democratic leaders from most of the cities examined, voted to greatly reduce police funding amid widespread Black Lives Matter protests last year.

Let’s further examine a few of those cities

Chicago, Illinois, the world’s leader in murders and violent crime

At least 317 total homicides were committed in Chicago between Jan. 1, and June 22, 2021, according to a Chicago Sun-Times database. In that same period in 2020, 295 murders were committed. That is an increase of 122 murders over a six-month period.

While black people represented 207 of the murder victims in Chicago, through June 22, 2020, they represented an astonishing 257 of the victims this year; according to the Sun-Times database. That means black people have been the victims of roughly 81 percent of murders this year, while they were the victims in about 70 percent of 2020 murders. Blacks are more vulnerable due to Chicago’s present policing policies.

Which include new Democratic Mayor, Lori Lightfoot’s proposed $80 million cut to Chicago Police Department funding in October, according to Injustice Watch.

“While we will slow the rate of growth, with a resulting $80 million in corporate fund savings, on my watch,” Lightfoot said, “we will never make cuts or policy changes that inhibit the core mission of the police department, which is to serve and protect,” according to the Sun-Times.

How can an $80 million cut in funding to police not negatively affect policing in a city? The logic that defunding the police will reform police is the same logic that has caused out-of-control crime in cities across the nation. It devastates those most susceptible to violence, the black community.

Rather than helping blacks, defunding the police destroys black communities

Defunding the police turning the residents of those communities into the victims that critical race theory says they are.  Even though over 90% of the African-Americans murdered are killed by other blacks.

Illinois became the first state to completely abolish its cash bail system earlier this year, NBC News reported. The legislation laid out a new, stricter decision-making process for judges to determine if a person charged with a crime presents a threat.

“This legislation marks a substantial step toward dismantling the systemic racism that plagues our communities, our state, and our nation, and brings us closer to true safety, true fairness, and true justice,” Democratic Governor J.B. Pritzker said after signing the bill in February, according to NBC News.

Chicago was served a double whammy of Democrat illogic as not only defunding police on the city level caused crime to skyrocket, but the passage of stupid bail laws such as the one Pritzker signed, passed by the mostly Democrat Illinois legislature, put those criminals right back on the streets to commit more rapes, burglaries, home invasions and car jacking at will, from the State level.

New York City murder rates rapidly closing in on Chicago

Since the inauguration of Bill de Blasio as its hard leftist mayor, the city of New York has experienced the most rapid rise in criminal activity of any place on earth. It is insanity created by truly bad Socialist Democrat policies in New York City that set it apart from anywhere else in the world.

From changing bail laws to making its police more accountable than the criminals they arrest to defunding police, it has created a crisis made of a lack of law enforcement in those five boroughs that make up the largest city in America.

According to WABC news New York, in the first 11 months of 2020, shootings in New York City have surged to levels unseen in years. While overall crime remains flat, the number of shootings increased again in November, this time by 112%.

Police say there were 115 shootings last month compared to 51 in November of 2019. For the year, shootings have risen 95% (1,412 vs. 721) through the first 11 months of 2020 compared with the same period last year.

Police said 40% of those accused of a shooting have had a past gun possession arrest, while 21% of shooting victims have had one as well.

Most were back on the streets to commit crimes again due to the new bail laws enacted by Mayor de Blasio.

This year has shown crime rates climb beyond those of 2021. According to the NYPD media center, for the month of April 2021, overall index crime in New York City rose 30.4% compared with April 2020.

Those numbers were driven by a 66% increase in grand larceny (2,659 v. 1,601) and a 35.6% increase in felony assault (1,630 v. 1,202). Robbery saw a 28.6% increase compared to April 2020 (885 v. 688), and shooting incidents increased to 149 v. 56 in April 2020 (+166.1%).

Burglary was the only index crime to post a reduction – down 26% (855 v. 1,155) in April 2021, compared to the previous year. An increase overall to April 2021 of 17.9% over 2020.

Blacks were impacted by rising crime more than any other demographic group in New York City

However, all New York citizens were treated to exploding crime thanks to the double whammy of defunding police policies passed by its Democrat Governor, Andrew Cuomo.

Los Angeles, California, the second-largest city in America has its own problems

Between Jan. 1, 2020 and June 21, 2020, black people were the victims of 92 of the 272 homicides committed in Los Angeles County, which includes the city and surrounding communities, according to a Los Angeles Times database. In the same period this year, they represented 103 of the 315 total homicides.

The data showed that the share of black murder victims in the county has stayed level at around 33 percent year-over-year. However, the uptick in violence this year has caused at least 11 additional deaths in Los Angeles County’s black community as compared to last year.

Hispanic people, who are the largest demographic group in the county, accounted for the majority of murder victims in Los Angeles County in both 2020 and 2021 while black people accounted for the second-highest number of murder victims, according to the database.

Hispanic people were the victims of 50 percent of the murder victims between Jan. 1, 2020, and June 21, 2020 and 57 percent of the victims in that same period this year.

The Los Angeles City Council approved a $150 million cut to the city’s police department in July 2020, ABC affiliate KABC-TV reported.

Democratic Mayor Eric Garcetti supported the massive budget cuts.

“It will take years to recover from that,” Los Angeles Police union spokesman Dustin DeRollo told the DCNF last summer. “And it will result immediately with less officers patrolling the streets.”

Baltimore, Maryland, has the second-highest crime rate in the nation

In Baltimore, black people were 69 of the 152 total murder victims between Jan. 1, 2021, and June 17, 2021, according to a Baltimore Sun database. That is 45 percent of the total. Not as high as Chicago by percentage, but nothing to brag about considering the much smaller population in Baltimore.

While murder statistics for the same period in 2020 were unavailable, black people were the victims of 130 of the 335 total homicides committed in Baltimore for all of last year. That is 39 percent, the database showed.

The majority of murder victims in 2020 and 2021 were listed without racial information, making comparison difficult in the Baltimore Sun database. However, black people represented the vast majority of victims when their race was listed. So those above totals may not be accurate by race.

The Baltimore City Council agreed to cut $22 million from the city’s police budget in June 2020.

In Baltimore, the murder trend has also risen in 2021. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to correlate the rise in murder rates and the drop in budgets for the police. It is a shame that Democrat city leaders do not understand this basic concept.

“I am proud to lead a City Council that took the first step to responsibly reduce Baltimore’s budget dependence on policing,” former City Council President Brandon Scott, who is now the city’s mayor, said after the vote, the Baltimore Sun reported. “This is just the beginning, and I intend to continue leading this process to redirect our public dollars and reimagine public safety in Baltimore.”

His imagination is Baltimore City’s nightmare. In March, Baltimore City State Attorney, Marilyn Mosby, announced she would no longer prosecute prostitution, drug possession, or other minor offenses. Did I mention that Mosby is a Democrat? Baltimore also received a double dose of Democrat madness.

Murder in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

In Pittsburgh, black people made up 90 percent of murder victims between January and April 2021, according to county data. In comparison, 60 percent of murder victims during the same time period last year were black. There were 20 murders between January and April this year, and 10 in that same period in 2020, according to Allegheny County. A 100% rise. Data beyond April 31, 2021, hasn’t been made available.

The Pittsburgh City Council approved a police department hiring freeze in July 2020, according to WPXI-TV. The council also ordered the department to redirect 10 percent of the budget to social service programs every year.

Murder in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

The number of total murders increased in Milwaukee from 75 between Jan. 1, 2020, and June 17, 2020, to 87 committed over that same period this year, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Black people were the victims of 79 of the total murders this year, or 90 percent of the total. While the race of victim wasn’t available for the first six months of 2020, black people represented 74 percent of all murder victims in Milwaukee in 2020. Blacks are more at risk in that very Democrat city as well.

The Milwaukee Common Council approved a police budget cut in November that reduced the department by 120 officers. And then the murder rate, along with all other violent crimes, rose significantly. Democrats don’t seem to comprehend the correlation between defunding police and the rise in crime.

Indianapolis, Indiana, Murder in a Democrat stronghold in an otherwise red state

Black people represented 58 of the 98 murder victims in Indianapolis between Jan. 1, 2021 and June 1, 2021, according to a homicide database created by the Indianapolis Star. Last year, black people were the victims in 53 of the city’s 70 total murders.

While the percentage of homicide victims who were black decreased from 75 percent to 59 percent in that period, the number of total black homicide victims still increased, the data showed.

Oakland, California, past drops in violence erased in 2020-21

Oakland, California, saw significant drops in violence over the last decade, has seen much of that work vanish in 2020, and 2021 as shootings have soared through the roof.

In Oakland, 15 people were killed in the month of January alone. While criminologists have lots of theories for why violence has picked up so significantly, ranging from the pandemic to policing, to a massive increase in gun sales; no one has pinpointed, with any certainty, the true cause for the spike.

The reason for the outrageous rise in crime in US cities is obvious to anyone else who is not a Socialist Democrat.

The effects of defunding the police, and the lack of respect for law and order, as well as those who enforce it, have deteriorated under the new Democratic leadership in this nation. The combination of both, supported by Democrats across this nation, from dog catcher to our sitting president, has led to crime rates not seen since the 1970s. We are close to surpassing those numbers.

Violence in America is the number one problem facing our National security, violence sponsored by Democrat policies. And the biggest numbers of victims of those policies are our African-American citizens.

Democrat policies are literally killing Americans, especially black Americans. This should be shouted loud and clear across the nation and become our rallying cry for the 2022 elections.



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