Shaun King is a well known Black Lives Matter con artist who has grifted on racial grievance for a decade even lying about his own family and race.  Shaun King is white, provably white, and he found his professional & financial niche by conning black people, including Oprah Winfrey, into believing he is black.  [Shaun King]

After spending several years drumming up racial division King attached himself to the very first well publicized BLM effort in Ferguson Missouri. There was a lot of money to be made selling the completely false Mike Brown story; so Shaun King hooked up with DeRay McKesson to create the new financial conduit known as Black Lives Matter. His scams and cons are very well known to long-term CTH readers.

Together McKesson and King sell a toxic stew of Marxism, racism, and hatred; and as a consequence their business model intersects with Islamic extremism.  As we noted earlier there is a lot of similarity between 2010’s Islamist Spring and 2020’s BLM protests.  Here’s the latest example courtesy of the lying, liar who lies for a living:

Under the ideology of Black Lives Matter Islam is the dominant and preferred religion; Christianity is viewed as against their interests. The reason is simple, the doctrines of Islam are political, the doctrines of the BLM movement are identically political.

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  • Mr. King is a racist and Domestic Terrorist by word and deed... the President should inquire as to why he remains free and if the FBI responds with an 'I don't know" fire the Director, Deputy and the head of the Domestic Terrorism taskforce and place someone in charge of the FBI who is not an agent of fundamental change and the new world order.

  • Needs to get his ass handed to him as he is chucked out of an airplane over Africa


  • It is not about race or religion, it is about destroying America.

  • GOD will be pissed beyond belief if we turn from Jesus or him now.  I do not want to get in his way.   This guy S. King is a maniac

    • Sadly Bonnie KIng is becoming an Icon for mainstream liberal ideology...  America is at war for its survival and the public still remains asleep...

  • King would not be  happy with a historically depiction of Jesus, who was not black but a palestinian Jew. That said, it is typical of BLM that they embrace a non-black "leader." Not to mention, I have no interest in hearing any comments on Jesus made by an atheist.


    View the video on youtube... it is very, very informative and explains why the President is having problems Deploying the Military... we may be having mutiny in the ranks.

    The History of Presidents Using Military to Restore Order Within US
    The Insurrection Act of 1807 gives presidents limited authority to use the military for domestic emergencies.
  • The race from which Mary, Jesus, King David etc., came from we're not white. The indigenous peoples of the area of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, Nazareth, Bethlehem, the sea of Galilee were brown skinned not white. The depictions of Mary and Jesus are stylized that way due to the painting techniques of the day. The man is as ignorant and uneducated as those of his ilk...

    • As I noted above, all the people in the Bible were Jews, and in the NT all were palestinian Jews. None were African, therefore not "black." King needs to crawl back into his hidey-hole.

  • The last group to destroy religious and historical monuments was called ISSIS!!!!!!!!!!

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