There is a crisis in black communities all over America and black baby deaths has ignited a spark lit by liberals and Democrat city leaders.  The tears of far too many black fathers, mothers, siblings, and grandparents stain the front porches, streets, and living rooms or bedrooms where only God can detect the painful residue after the murder of black babies. President Trump does care. But not the emotionless Antifa insurrectionists who are supported by the utterances from the hypocritical lips and YouTube videos disgorged by Black Lives Matter (BLM) leaders. The make-believe mainstream media anchors, and George Soros-backed far left, face-masked rioters all utter dismissals of black babies murdered by black killers. Black urban residents have been told by BLM leftists to stay silent and “Shut Yo’ Mouth!”

Read the excerpts from a dire urgent letter and warning from a black woman over 122 years ago that foretold the future of Democrat leader abandonment of blacks murdered in their own neighborhoods. See why the new launch of a petition to President Trump from black family victims and urban America to let the nation know the murder of black babies does matter is crucial.

Find out how to bring justice to the innocent and abandoned.

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  • Time to accept the truth BLM are terrorizes so to the NBA,NFL accept the truth BLM main goal is to destroy America, but then all you care is money that's why China produced all your merchandise you don't care about human rights all you care is making a profit. You are worse then BLM

  • its not about black lives. It is a platform to spark civil unrest and social disobedience in our country to start a revolution and to take the public's eye off of what is coming down the pipe concerning the Judicial Departments investigation into Obamagate. Too much happening for the average American to absorb, so they fixate on the loudest voice and don't pay attention to the dirt that is being uncovered from past Democrats administrations deeds. ei, any of you heard about the Ukranian development concerning Joe Biden being named in the criminal investigation with the illegal firing of the investigator 4 years ago? didn't think so...

  • Blm DOES NOT CARE ABOUT BLACK LIVES! Theŕe, the truth is now out. It is time to shoot those rioters masquerading as blm peaceful demonstrators. Can you believe that idiot district attorney confiscated those guns from those people defending their property and charged THEM with a felony? Did I mention their guns were legal? God help us where we go from here!

  • What do you expect from these people? 

  • i love their hypocrisy. the blm and other similar groups seek reparations for slavery even though no one alive has experienced while all along they ignore black babies being killed by black people

  • To the BLM the only that matters if a black person is shot/killed by a white police officer.  The fact that the murdering mayhem going on in every major Democrat city is black on black doesn't matter to them at all. Instead of holding the mayors responsible for this,  they ignore it.  Margaret Sanger was as racist as you can get when she set up all the abortion clinics in the black neighborhoods, hoping to erradicate all the blacks from US soil.  No one seems to care about that either!

  • They say they care, but it's obviously a lie. All they care about is getting their way and total destruction of our country so that they and their demoncrat minions can put communism in place. That's what it's all about, and was started many years ago. Now they're desperate to get rid of Trump because he's standing in their way. They must be stopped.

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