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In another strange turn of events, Judge Emmet G. Sullivan has invited Michael Flynn’s former defense counsel to appear as interested parties in their former clients ongoing case. Sullivan, who did not agree to drop the charges against Flynn as requested by the Department of Justice, did not specify the purpose for inviting the former lawyers to appear in court.

John Hall electronically filed the notice on Thursday, as the legal representative for Covington and Burling, Flynn’s former defense counsel.

Sidney Powell, Flynn’s defense counsel, didn’t comment on Sullivan’s invitation to Covington and Burling but she noted in previous filings reported on this news site that the previous counsel provided her client ineffectual representation and unrepresented him in his guilty plea, which was in violation of his 6th Amendment rights.

This turn of events has been just one in a series of bizarre decisions unleashed on Flynn and his defense team by Sullivan. Critics of Sullivan’s strange behavior have accused the judge of acting as a prosecutor and crossing the line of his judicial mandate.

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    • AMEN FORREST!   I wish this site was like the other one where we could just hit the IGNORE button and never see or hear from people that contribute nothing worthwhile...

  • let's face it there are a lot of people here we need respect one another and be polite to each other sometime we may not see thing the same way we are human we are not the same therefore be polite to oneanother.

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    • Without wisdom, there is no victory through knowledge. Knowledge, like fire, can either be a good servant or bad master.

      The site you mention starts off with an article titled; "Would it be all that odd if it turned out the Coronavirus “Plandemic” was a Nazi Inspired Ft. Detrick experiment, like the mass “suicide” at Jonestown?" I believe that sya it all about the site.


    • OK, Bobbie !

      I will leave it to those in Nebraska who watched Sina Bavari for years ..... by the way smartass is Sina Bavari even a GD US Citizen ? You knowledge of NAZI'S and their respective influences on our country is very limited indeed.

      Good luck, Bobbie.

      Your a fond supporter of family it appears. I once met a man named Daniel Hopsicker. 

    • Well Marty, your post shows your imaturity, bigotry, and fondness for asininity. You need a Saul type experience. Please find Jesus Christ.


    • There HAS been talk this may have been created at Ft Detrick....can you say with ABSOLUTE certainty that it wasn't?  You try to convince people YOU are a Christian, and then make an OBNOXIOUS statement like Please find Jesus Christ?  You don't know that he hasn't.  Just because he made a statement you don't agree with...  What?  Are you related to Fauci?  The END ALL.......?    I'm pretty sure Jesus wouldn't say something like someone has a fondness for asininity.



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