• Somebody stell this guy he doesn't have to live up to his name, Lemon.  In addition I don;t the Oscars are ready to be given out. yet. He's an actor or a wannabe actor who is melodramatic as well as being an anti American propagandist who LOVES racial strife. He thrives on it. I never really watch him and whn I have I've been repulsed. 

  • This whiny idiot needs to get over the past

  • Lemon, we ALL know you're an idiot!!  Nobody listens to your moronic crap any more.  You're YESTERDAY!!!

    • Exactly!

  • How this man has a job is utterly amazing to me.  He is exactly what his name suggests - a lemon.  However that if grossly unfair to the fruit.  At least lemons have some use and are actually good for us.  The same can't be said for this cretin.

  • There is no white supremacy in 2021. This guy DOES believe his own twisted reality. and given a platform to spread it.  He should be charged with incitement or sedition or maybe the guy with the net should come and take him away.

  • Lemon is very unlikeable

  • Don Lemon you should quit the news business and go over to the comedy club and do stand up.  You are the best comedian I have seen in a long long while.  You have the back ground for it. You definitely know how to write comedy.  I agree slavery was wrong then and now.  Blacks put themselves in to slavery by making wrong choices.  You better than most know that the people, because of their choices, remain in economic slavery.  Why are you not out in the ghettos trying to change the black culture. I drive an Uber car and come in contact with so many black students that I know it is possible for them to make a difference.   Just like most blacks you are waiting for whitie to do it for you.  Sorry you will get no sympathy  from me.  

    • Now now Walter. There is a gramatical differance between COMIC, and TRAGIC. Lemon can manage only one. Guess which.

  • Don,stick to what you know--chasing young boys .

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