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Welp, guess who’s in trouble with lawmakers, again? Make that still.

Yup, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the emerging and infectious diseases “expert” has been implicated in a series of taxpayer-funded, animal-testing experiments. Beagle puppies, that is. This time, a bipartisan group of lawmakers is demanding answers.

According to the White Coat Waste Project (a watch group committed to stopping taxpayer-funded experiments on dogs, monkeys, cats, and other animals), as reported by Daily Caller, 44 beagles were used in the experiments conducted in a Tunisia, North Africa, laboratory. Some of the dogs reportedly had their vocal cords removed, allegedly so scientists could work without incessant barking.

White Coat Waste noted that the Food and Drug Administration does not require drugs to be tested on dogs, so the group is asking why the need for such testing. Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) is leading the congressional effort, joined by 14 Republicans and nine Democrats.

The lawmakers sent a letter to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) saying the cordectomies are “cruel” and a “reprehensible misuse of taxpayer funds.,”

“We write with grave concerns about reports of costly, cruel, and unnecessary taxpayer-funded experiments on dogs commissioned by National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. The dogs were all between six and eight months old.

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  • For God's sake arrest this murderer...

  • How sad what a group of bipartisan morons He is responsible for murdering millions with the Covid virus and they go after him for torturing puppies that about sums it up for our current representatives 

  • How about removing Fauci's vocal chords.  I'm tired of hearing the lying little twerp!

    • Best thing I've heard lately!!!


  • There's a correlation between Serial Killers starting with Small Animals.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain


  • With what Fauci has done to and with dogs and prisoners, it is no small step to consider what he has done to Small Children and Mental Patients. 

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Wish he would be tortured like he tortured those innocent dogs

  • What about Faucil's atrocities of Gain-of-function (Chinese Virus) perpetuated on the American public and the associated deaths and illnesses from this modern day Mengele. 

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