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Microsoft founder Bill Gates on Tuesday said the United States fumbled its coronavirus response in part because "we believe in freedom."

The billionaire's comments were in regard to questions about some Americans' seemingly politicized aversion to wearing masks and the country's slow initial response to COVID-19 in an interview with The Economist.

"We believe in freedom, individual freedom. We optimize for individual rights," Gates said.

He added that a Biden presidency would not necessarily convince anti-maskers to start wearing masks because they would oppose a mandate from a different president.

"I don’t think a change in administrations will get people to wear masks. ... It’s hard to see how we build that trust network and improved behavior. It’ll mostly be incremental," Gates explained.

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  • I'm sorry, I forgot. Please refresh my memory

    Why again are we supposed to wear these masks?


  • This whole thing is a psyop, designed to reduce us to fear and asking permission to breathe, live, walk, pray, sing, work, etc.

  • THE MASK: Absolutely nothing to do with anyone’s health. It is strictly meant to be the indoctrination into total government control of YOUR life. You WILL obey.

    I heard a doctor say, that wearing a mask is comparable to putting up a chain link fence to keep mosquitoes out of your backyard.


  • Since Gates , Fauci, WHO are invested in Giliead the Chinese company that hold a vaccine patent......and won't release it...........just keep in mind.......Gates and others are not loyal to the US where they became rich. 

  • He is despicable

  • If anyone ever earned their way into eternal fire it is Bill Gates, Fauci, and Soros.

    • Do not feel sorry for them.


      Has anyone ever considered this, "Why would you want to take any advice from someone who is going to burn forever in Hell?"

  • The best thing gates could do for this country is die...

  • Billy believe in one!  I'm not going to wear a mask, and I'm never going to take your vaccine!!!!!  You see, I have educated myself about what the doctors that have patients are recommending and you are way off base with your fear mongering!  You and Fauci have politicized this virus for your financial benefit.  Shame on you!  How many lives are you two responsible for taking from peope so that you can line your pockets?

    • Forget the money.  He has vile contempt for everyone who will spend their days enjoying the glory of Heaven.


      Therefore he does not want them anjoying anything here.


This reply was deleted.