• Epstein was murdered. Barr is a deep state P.O.S. Traitor.

  • We should soon find out how many time billiy boy traveled on the Lolita Express, along with slick willy and Prince Andrew; since the judge has now ruled that ALL of Maxwell's sealed records are to be revealed.

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    • Thank you for this PHOTO Thomas! You are a TRUTH Warrior and a HERO 4 Humanity!


  • Let us not forget that eugenicist Gates who openly promotes depopulation is pushing the injection with Fauchi!

    Dr. Fauci Spent $424,000 to Have Beagle Puppies Bitten to Death By Flies
    Dr. Anthony Fauci and the National Institutes of Health spent nearly a half a million dollars torturing beagle puppies for controversial research.Acc…
  • When your hand is caught in the "Cookie Jar" it really doesn't matter what the excuse is, the "FACT" is, YOUR HAND WAS IN THE JAR!

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Is anyone in doubt about what he was attempting to upload from his hard drive on Orgy Island?

    Being the one-time head of Microsoft speaks obviously to the conclusion.

    Power Dive (1941) | Movie posters, Classic movies, Richard ...

    I figure that the Moderators will censor me if I become much more literal.


  • The only regret this traitor has is getting caught.

  • And have you been vaccinated Bill? We know the goal of the globalists is to control (reduce) the human population and make tons of $ along the way.

  • Pathetic excuse of a man. Best friends are Dr. Death Fauci & sex trafficker Epstein.  So why would anyone give this moron the time of day? Oh duh, his money. 

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