• If ever there was an individual that deserves the title of Public Enemy #1 it most certainly is BILL GATES.

    Gates is a narcissistic psychopath that is hell bent on taking total control of this entire planet. He and his multi-billionaire associates are using their vast wealth to the detriment of every citizen of Earth. One of their primary goals is to reduce the global population to approximately 500 million people. That would require that over 7 billion of “We The People” be eliminated. Perhaps EXTERMINATED would be a more accurate term. They are prepared to use any method imaginable to accomplish their agenda. We’ve already seen viruses, lethal injections, and the flooding of the atmosphere with harmful chemicals. The overnight appearance of 5G and other potentially lethal microwave technologies present a serious danger to all living things. The future this cabal intends for humanity will bring us wars, starvation, disease, and all the added consequences those events will trigger. Gates is the designated point man for this world domination agenda.

    ENOUGH SAID. Here’s a place to start your own research.

    Bill Gates: Public Enemy #1

    Meet the real Bill Gates: a master criminal who controls the world
    These revealing documentaries about Bill Gates show how he uses his billions of dollars to bribe or buy the whole world. A must see!
  • 666 promoter

  • The only thing that Gates needs to pitch is his ass off of this world. 

    • For sure.

  • This is the way big Businesses, China, Obama/democrats, Republicans & governments are going around the Constitution! Purge USA and the world. This has been the plan! Use free phone & internet  with media. Say off Twitter let them fall! So be careful. Government TV boxes started right after 9-11! Remember we are fontly transforming America. The great reset! Healthcare bill ring a bell!

  • I bet he has kiddie porn on his computer 

  • Bill Gates pitches Global Pandemic Quarantine Team: Hey Bill a famous German Guy, implemented the same actions " For the Peoples Safety"! We all know how that turned out for 6 million Jews and 9 million Polish people!

  • Another liar's reason for the billionaires One World Order plan.  Too bad so many people had to die from Covid and much too bad it had to be mostly among the poor and middle class when several wealthy funerals would have been much more of what we need.

  • "Bill Gates Pitches Global Pandemic Quarantine Team"

    Bill Gates is not on Death Row yet???

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