As we previously reported, Democrats went nuts on Friday after news broke of the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.


Some threatened to “burn it all down” in response to the news. Others promised there would be “riots” (shocking!) bad enough to shut the country down.

Naturally, failed 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and her husband and former President Bill Clinton were asked to weigh in on President Trump’s promise to submit a nominee for consideration in short order as well as Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s statement that Trump’s nominee would “receive a vote on the floor of the United States Senate.”

In an absolute shock to no one, Hillary Clinton condemned Trump and McConnell, accusing them of “undermining … our institutions” in a “lust for power.” And in an interview done Sunday, Bill Clinton accidentally committed a self-own in comments he made to CNN’s Jake Tapper on the issue:

Like his wife, Bill Clinton’s self-awareness was nowhere to be found here. Not just on the matter of being a hypocrite, but also on the “one set of rules” lecture. Our political history is littered over the last 30 years with examples of there being one set of rules for the Clintons and one for everyone else:

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  • The rules are being adhered to by Republicans, the same cannot be said for Democrats. They never seem to have any repercussions or accountability for their many many crimes. Whereas, Republicans are publically shamed by a DNC controlled media, threatened, and have their opponents/colleagues from the other side of the aisle incite violent mobs against them. Their homes are raided by a FBI that had been weaponized against them. Many have lost everything trying to defend themselves against unfounded allegations and frame-ups. The freedom of their children threatened if they didn't play ball. This nomination is as good as having a rocket launcher and rocket in our arsenal of weapons we can use against the Creepocrats. We need to start to use all the weapons in our arsenal and fight like our lives depend on it because they do. 

    Make no mistake, we are at war,and to the winner goes the spoils in this case America

  • Since this is not a democracy but a representative REPUBLIC clinton misspoke doubly but at least spoke a partial fact unlike his criminal mate.

  • The President nominates a candidate to the Supreme Court, the Senate has a hearing and votes on it. That is how it has always been done. Period.

  • Sorry Bill and Hill, the President nominating someone "IS" exactly normal procedure. Of all the President's to date 22 where in this position and nominees were submitted and voted on. More power to the President...

  • bill, there is only one way to describe you and that pig you are married to, you are a shyt stains on the history of America, you inherited a fairly great economy from the Great Ronaldus Magnus Reaganus, you and GHW Bush could not wait to have your cronies at the Fed and the central bank dismantle all the good Reagan did. But, like a useless pos you took the credit until you drove it into the ground.

    TRUMP 2Q2Q+, Making America GOD's Again!!! 

  • Look in the mirror, Slick Willie, you disgusting hypocrite.

  • Look at the pot calling the kettle black. Rape. Murder. Pedophilia. Conspiracy to commit fraud. Money laundering. Fraud in the middle of a natural disaster upon the people of Haiti. Treason. More rape. More pedophilia. Lying. Stealing. Laughing in our faces about "I didn't inhale."

    Vandlizing OUR house. Ripping all the "W' keys of all the WH keyboards, Stealing furniture from the WH, over $135,000 dollars of your hate of W. which you were forced to pay back. Did we get our furniture back? I doubt it. Not cheap stuff, btw. It took 30 trips by electricians to fix what you BROKE. and more damage on walls.

    Seances in the WH channeling the dead (OUR house), More rape. Benghazi. Murder of 4 heros and the torture and murder of our Ambassador.

    And you want equality under the law. WE would have all been executed. 

    PLUS, you BOTH KNEW about the Kenyan's ILLEGALITY. Conspiracy to defraud the American People. Sedition. Fraud. Treason.

    PLUS, it is DOCUMENTED that our agents had Bin Ladin in their crosshairs, and THEY COULDN'T FIND YOU, because you were committing more rape in that little room off the Oval Office, the one where no one goes. And SHE LAUGHED about getting that rapist off after he raped that young girl. SHE thought THAT was funny.


    • And I even forgot!!  The over 100 persons who suicided themselves with their wrong hands, 12 of whom were Secret Service who HATED being ordered to DEFEND HBeast.

    • VERY well said!


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