Who is Jeff Rosen? Here is what the DOJ Website says:

Jeff Rosen Says His Kirkland Leadership Role Will Help Him as DOJ's No. 2 |  National Law Journal

Jeffrey A. Rosen is the 38th Deputy Attorney General of the United States.  In this role, he acts as the Department of Justice’s Chief Operating Officer and advises and assists the Attorney General in leading the Department’s more than 110,000 employees.  President Trump announced his intent to nominate Mr. Rosen to this position on February 19, 2019, and the U.S. Senate confirmed the nomination on May 16, 2019.

As the Justice Department’s second-ranking official, Mr. Rosen oversees all of the Department’s components, including its law enforcement agencies, litigating divisions, ninety-four U.S. Attorney offices, and its management, policy and other staff offices.  Mr. Rosen maintains a strong focus on implementation of the Department’s key priorities, including protection of national security, protection of public safety by combatting violent crime and drugs, safeguarding civil rights and liberties, and maintaining the rule of law. 

Mr. Rosen has guided numerous initiatives, including an antitrust review of online technology platforms, criminal and civil opioids enforcement and legislation, investigations and prosecutions of IP theft and of cyberhacking, counter-UAS measures to facilitate safe use of drones, redress of pandemic-related fraud, and reform of regulatory and administrative law, among others.  In February 2020 Mr. Rosen presented oral argument to the U.S. Supreme Court in a case involving prison inmate litigation (Lomax v. Ortiz-Marquez).

Though most of Mr. Rosen’s nearly four-decade career was in the private sector, he has almost a decade of public sector experience, including U.S. Senate confirmations on two previous occasions.  Prior to arriving at the Department of Justice, Mr. Rosen served as the Deputy Secretary of Transportation (2017-2019), where he was the Chief Operating Officer of a Cabinet Department with more than 55,000 employees and a budget in excess of $80 billion.  Other appointed public sector positions include General Counsel and Senior Policy Advisor for the White House Office of Management and Budget (2006-2009) and General Counsel at the U.S. Department of Transportation (2003-2006).  He was also an appointed Public Member of the Administrative Conference of the United States (2013-2017).

In the private sector, Mr. Rosen first joined the law firm of Kirkland & Ellis as an associate in 1982 and became a partner in 1988.  He was elected to that firm’s global management committee in 1999.  After his public-service appointments during 2003-2009, Mr. Rosen returned to Kirkland & Ellis LLP as a partner from 2009-2017.  Throughout his years in private practice, Mr. Rosen handled complex litigation across the United States, including jury trials, bench evidentiary hearings, arbitrations, and appellate arguments.  Among his wide-ranging litigation practice were cases involving antitrust, securities, RICO, business torts, trade secrets, contracts, government enforcement actions, and product liability, including class actions, as well as regulatory matters.

Mr. Rosen served as the Chair of the American Bar Association’s Section of Administrative Law and Regulatory Practice during 2015-2016.  In addition, he previously served as an adjunct professor at Georgetown University Law Center, where he taught Professional Responsibility and Legal Ethics.

Mr. Rosen received a B.A. (economics) with highest distinction from Northwestern University (1979) and a J.D., magna cum laude, from Harvard Law School (1982).

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  • I will be impressed if he does his job, orders real investigations into the allegations of voter fraud, And I will not be convinced an investgation was done unless there are some DeepStaters indicted, as we all know that fraud did occur on a massive scale.

    I will wait to form an opinion until I have more information. I firmly believe that "when people show you who they are believe them". I am simply waiting for him to show us who he is either by his action or inaction.

    It Depends, which side of history he wishes to be on. The side that sells out his country for money or fear or the kind that does what is right even when it isn't convenient or easy. He could make history by doing the right thing, If not he will not even be a footnote. There are way too many infamous people betraying our country to stand out in any real way. 

    • He won't do shit.

      He's just there to run-out the clock,  and nothing more.

      If anything is going to get done,  it's WE THE PEOPLE  who are going to have to do it. That's akways tge way it has been thru history.  This is no exception nm

  • Americans have always had a profound and well placed distrust of both politicians and lawyers, and it is no coincidence that most of them are both, in one way or another. It should be no different with this guy.

  • Shold have been run out through a tar & feather patch a long time ago.

  • Am I supposed to be impressed with his credentials?  Sorry that isn't going to happen!  He better get on the ball the first day,  establish a Special Commission on the druggie Biden and brother Biden!  Then lets see what he can do on the election fraud!  Until I see some movement and not just words,  I won't trust him as far as I can throw him.


    • Don't forget DADDY Biden, he is the one that brought these groups together with Russia and China, you know damn well he has been bought and paid for years ago.


    • Ditto.



    • Agreed 

  • After two for two A.G.'s who accomplished absolutely nothing in four years, I am not sure they didn't both deserve to be charged with dereliction of duty, conspiracy and aiding and abetting the enemies of the republic. I hope this one is worth something. 

    • Of course both A.G.s deserve the kind of recognition for the kind of service they performed.

      But first things first.

      Barr stalled to use up precious time, and withheld critical information regarding the Bidens, strategically to protect them.

      Barr is disgraced.

      I hope he has heartfelt appreciation for the kind of America he may have subjected his children and grandchildren to.

      Everyday for the rest of his obese life.

This reply was deleted.