• Really Bill... tell us something we didn't know.... and just what the hell are you doing about it ... besides enabling them to continue with their theft of our intellectual property, and negative influence on our cultural icons and institutions.  Just in case you didn't know it... exposing criminal conduct: espionage, corporate intellectual property theft, copyright, and patent theft or the illegal transfer of sensitive technology isn't enough... do something about it.pat

  • There isn't a real American who doesn't know that Hollywood is run by anti Americans. The thing that surprises me is why real Americans continue to support these American haters by attending their crappy movies. Come on, removing Gone With The Wind, one of the greatest movies ever made;  just to satisfy their whims,


    • Not just Hollywood!

      the Chinese are buying up California- ie, whole cities are now occupied by Chinese. They turn shopping areas into all Chinese language signage,occupy most of the seats in schools, own most of the single family homes, etc.

      we should have laws that our precious land and property CANNOT BE PURCHASED AND OWNED BY FOREIGNERS, Any foreigners!


  • What else did you expect from Hollywood?

  • China owns a lot of our Country and that gives them some pull in DC!

  • Remember the Bundys, guess who wanted their land.

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      WOW, I did not know that!

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