• I like the way the jet engines garble Bidens blithering, forcing the listener to try and bring sense to his incoherency.

    An interesting gimmick. Why else would a campaign manager employ it?

    The ploy is even more obvious in his outside interview next to a running jet.

  • Is that like when Speaker Palosi said "we have to pass The Affordable Care Act, to know what is in the The Affordable Care Act". How good did that turn out....

  • Why don't they just lie about it like they do evrything elsr?

  • Hey joe, it WON'T matter WHAT you think after you LOSE the election, PERIOD!

  • That remark answers the question clearly.

  • "Biden: “You’ll know my opinion on court packing after the election""

    More likely, we would know when Joe is told what it is.....if he remembers!

  • If enough of "We the People" don't turn out to vote and to protect the integrity of our elections, OUR opinions won't count any more. This election is more serious than either a heart attack or the CCP Wuhan Coronavirus! ......... Combined!  Vote like your life depends on it, because it probably does.

  • After the election we won't be needing his opinion on anything

  • Same words Palosi says when passing the Obamacare he just gave you the answer 


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