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  • Remember the black panthers standing outside of voting places? They were discouraging white voters. Do not forget the 50 day election shut down beginning 9/17.

  • The contesting of the election and the MSM's leftist election narrative accusing the opposition of election fraud... is a tactic taken directly out of the Marxist Insurgency Manual. Attacking polling places, and destroying ballots, voting machines; while, manipulating recounts, will raise serious questions as to the outcome.  Such manipulation of the coming election may well be in the plan of leftist and globalist interest... no matter how wide the margin of victory for Pres. Trump

    The rigging and overturning of election outcomes... thru election day violence and fraud are key elements in all Marxist insurgency operations... destabilizing the government and destroying the electoral process, along the way, to install a fraudulently elected government. 

    The electorate on both sides of the political spectrum will contest any result not favorable to their candidates...  The MSM will spin a leftist narrative favorable to their Marxist views, they will create widespread civil unrest and violence... without early government intervention civil war could break out.  The Left will contest the results hoping to drag out the certification process beyond 20 January 2012 throwing the election into the hands of the House of Representatives under the provisions of the 12th Amendment.

  • None of this will matter since Trump will win with a huge landslide in November. Every American can see that Trump made America great again. He restored our greatness after we suffered through riots, chaos, and fiscal disarray under obummer. Americans don't want to go back to the terrible years when obummer/biden ran the government. They clearly want four more years of Trump, who is the best president in our lifetime. Do you know anyone who wants to trade Trump's great-again America with the one suffering from far left extremists like obummer and biden? I don't.

    • Truth, justice, and the American way may not decide the next election... it may devolve to the House of Representatives. The DNC is openly planning to contest every electoral vote Pres. Trump receives, hoping to delay the certification process of his reelection, beyond the 20 January 2021, the Constitutional deadline for certifying the votes of the Electoral College and installing a new president.  

      If Pres. Trump doesn't have the requisite certified electoral votes by the  Constitutional deadline... the election will DEVOLVE to the House of Representatives per the 12th Amendment.  The Left is hoping they retain the House and if Pres. Trump appears to be in a position to win a majority of the electoral votes... the DNC will incite riot, and coordinate attacks on America's polling places, in order to destroy ballots and voting machines... Thus, making it impossible to legally certify a majority of electoral votes for Pres. Trump before 20 Jan 2021 ... The election of our next President may devolve to a majority vote in the House of Representatives. 

  • Gonna look like a fool if he loses in a landslide. 

  • This is why it is imperative that every conservative and fed up Democrats NEED to go to the polls and cast your vote for Trump! We MUST overwhelm the in person voting!

  • This behavior can be stopped by putting moderates forth to replace all communists at ABC CBS NBC CNN MSNBC and all communist Teacher union bosses

  • Demorats have demonstrated beyond any doubt that they are the party of hatred for America.  They are pro Communism and  are clearly now the enemy number one of the United States.

    Steps should be taken to dismantle their party and put every one of them who are found guilty by law in their proper places......PRISON.

  • Of this I have no doubt. I wish I could be proven wrong.

  •  Biden and his socialist leaders will be destroyed, now the DNC will be paying people to stand in line for Biden when he visit Kanocha

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