• Proof of Identification and the Right to Vote are inherent rights and duties of the American Citizens.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • Providing photo IDb to purchase cigarettes is permissable but to vote is RACIST???????????  What utter BULLSTIITE!!!!!!!!!!


  • Nah, we NEED to get rid of the VERMIN REGIME and ALL of its members, THEN we can keep America AMERICA!

  • What we need is to get rid of the FELON in the oval office and his team of traitors !

  • EVERYONE has exactly the same voting rights !  WE've ALL got the same voting rights....with a narrow margin to cheat !!!  There's no need to change the rules  now !  Democrats know they need to cheat to win !!!!! And they want to make it so we can't check up on the numbers !!!!

  • Just more proof that Biden is a Totalitarian who cares nothing about the USA.

    • Martha, joe dementia is merely a bobblehead puppet, someone is behind the curtaim moving his mouth with their hand stuck up his butt!!!!!!!!!!


  • We either live under the boundaries and constraints of Our Constitution or We live by "Mob Rule."

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • they want to insitutionalize their cheating so they will have absolute power indefinitely!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hmn, I thought they had already done that?  Have I missed something?

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