• Hey traitor Joe you can't lead lead the USA - how do you think you; as the alleged leader of the free world - could ethically lead a new world order.  As for the new world order; what I see when I listen to these subhuman things that promote it; is more lies and and a continuation of the socialist policies [you know the ones; the ones that bvenefit only the very wealth and connected] that have existed throughout time.  The only country that has tried to get away from that nonsense is the USA.  Why one earth [asked rhetorically] would we want to go backwards?

    • I do not believe you are seeing Joe.  I lived in Delaware for 54 years, about 4 miles from his home: 1509 Barley Mill Road; Greenville, Wilmington, DE 19807.  If it is him, then he must be so strung out on Dementia drugs and other drugs that he cannot even remember who and what he loves, including the USA.  Do you remember, during Trump's term, that there were peculiar noises in DC?  A videographer was at the WH and turned on his equipment so that he could tape the area, talk to us, and allow us to hear what he was hearing.  On another date, he brought in an explosives expert who said that these noises were small explosions of dynamite or a similar substance.  Obama is the only president to remain in DC after his term.  Why would he stay?  It is not NYC.  It is not his hometown: Chicago, or the Philippines, or Hawaii, or Kenya.  Lately, people have reported him being in the WH without entering it traditionally.  Was a tunnel created from his DC house to the WH so that he could enter it daily with no questions being raised?  I believe so.  It is BO who is running the nation.  He is from Kenya and has no love or respect of this country.  He is a Moslem and has no respect for this nation's founding (1492) or its establishment or its laws.  He was trained by former Secretary of State Kissinger, a Bilderberger, so that he could be the leader (antichrist) of the NWO whose "home" would be in the UN.  The NWO would be established by the Illuminati, a small group of extremely wealthy people and supported by thousands of wealthy and influential people.  This president of the NWO would become known as the antichrist who was positioned and supported by Satan, the “Father of Lies."  We have been dummy-ing-down our children for forty years. They are now generally easily fooled parents and children.  Now, what was your rhetorical question?

    • Martha, that is why it was so important to get President Trump out!!!!!  The devildemocommiecrats and gop establishment had to get satan's puppet into office so they can implement their evgil plan!!!!!  Joe dementia is a brain dead puppet doing what his puppeteers tell him to do, not realizing he is smerely atan's agen but he is so corrupt that if he knows he is willing to go along for the wealth and power he can have now!!!!!!!!!!t


    • In addition to what I wrote, you are so correct, Bob.

  • Why in the hell do we need a new world order.   NWO can not work.  There is too much diversity between the countries. We will probably have more wars than we do now.  The only person to make a NWO work is Donald J. Trump.  Lying is in any politician's DNA

    • The need a new world order is sponsored and driven by big business which is overly tired of being battered by countries with which they work due to language barriers, different tax and tariff laws, different monetary systems, different systems of weights and measurements.....

    • Walter, the new world order is satan's dominion over the entire world that will last for 7 years and then be destroyed by the return of Jesus Christ!!!!!  We are VERY close to seeing it implemented and that means the Rapture of the Church is imminent!!!!!  I urge everyone to turn to God immediately as tomorrow may be too late!!!!!  I daily pray that a massive revival will come to America before it is too late for people to change their eternal destiny!!!!!!!!!


    • Satan's love for the NWO is due to his desire (#1) to kill Chritians so that they cannot lead others to Jesus and there gain eternallife in heaven and (#2) to keep as many people from Jehovah God's salvation as is possible.  The establishment of the NWO would dissolve Christianity and Judaism.  It would cause deaths due to war, imprisonment, etc.    Satan is the "Father of Lies."  Due to his hate of Jehovah God, he seeks to steal, kill, and destroy.

  • The leader of the New World Order would be the last man ( country ) standing after a nuclear war. There never will be a universal leader of nations. Too many with inyernal struggles of their own to worry about international struggles. Everybody thinks that THEY are the most important. 
    II DO believe that the leader will be the last man standing, but much like Burgess Merideth in the Twilight Zone episode, he'll be the ONLY one, and too damaged to lead...

    • The leader of the NWO will come on the scene and will be known as the anti-Christ to Christians.  He will be supported by Satan.  In order to make people believe that he is truly God, he will be kiled, and, after three days, he will rise from the dead and will sit on the throne in Jerusalem's principal Temple.  He then can change the beliefs of Chritians and Jews about their religions.  Even the wisest living Christians and Jews will be folled by him.  I do not know, but could his name be Barack Obama?

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