• Hitler called it the new world order with him in charge.

    • As close as he came too.


    If Sleepy Joe is in charge then we can call it "The New World DisOrder" 

  • Traitors need justice??

    • Yes, everyone deserves justice and justice for TRAITORS is hanging by the neck until dead, hopefully the hanging would result in death by strangulation rather than a broken neck!!!!!!!!!!


  • He would like us to believe he does not mean "New World Order" as it is currenty understood to be an international criminal cabal.

    In reality, you never know what Joe means, because he himself does not know, from day to day.

    • Skeptical, dementia doesn't know from minute to minute!!!!!!!!!!


  • Biden: "We have to Lead the New World Order." Spoken by a man who can't even find his way to the bathroom! 

    • Why do we have to?  And who are you?  Are you Joe Biden.  Prove it!  I strongly believe you are an imposter.  I have known you for years and your ears and forehead are not you.  So, who is leading the show?  BO!  But of course, and directly out of his tunnel comes Barack Obama and his wife Michael.  If BO says we must, we must NOT!  Hey, BO, go back to the Philippines or Kenya.

    • John, fuhrer obama will eventually make his way back to hell from which he came via kenya!!!!!!!!!


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