• Idiot!!!

  • If by now peole haven't figured out that these shats are deadly, there's no hope for them.

  • No shots for me, thank you! 

  • No Dementia Joe, we have to double down and get you and your regime out of office before there is no more America.

  • The sheeple will be more then willing to get more shots. After all some of them have been locked up in their houses for over 2 years cause they might get the flu. What in world is wrong with people? Wake up & look at what they are doing to us & the country

    • Pat, I HAVE NORT and WILL NOT COMPLY with their bullshiite!!!!!!!!!!


    • Isn't it amazing?   I see people every day still wearing the useless masks.   Some are well educated people.  Professionals.   

      IT's absolutely incredible.

      THE MULES ARE LINING UP FOR NOVEMBER and these fools know nothing of 2000 FRAUD YET.

    • I have a box of mask at home, right on the box it says, 'for body fluids only'. 

    • I threw mine away months ago.   Nothing but waste.

    • Marlene, I refused to comply with any of their bullshiite from day 1 !!!!!!!!!!


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