• The "Vaccine" should be given to All Politicians First! That way if something does go wrong with it, we haven't lost anything! Save everyone else for last, they're important!

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • make since what you are saying.

  • The only ones he is hunting down are the American People. No one outside of America is scared of this fool.

    • very true, onlinedoc. He is destroying America both at home and abroad.

    • the Devil is talking.

  • Big talk from a weak man!!

    • I am telling you the Devil is talking he is in charge.

    • Actually, I firmly believe that Obama and Louis Farrakhan, etal, are behind all of this. There are too many similarities going on that also reflect Obama's presidency. Both are pathological narcissists who want to see the destruction of America in THEIR lifetimes.

      Obama is a master of distraction. That is why I am afraid the CRT crap will be forgotten, in light of the horror abroad, and it will go merrily along. We must not let that happen! Speak up about it continuously until it is removed!

  • Here is proof that Taliban are liars:  4:01 P.M. —  Taliban spokesman issues statement on latest blast: “Explosions were heard inside Kabul airport after dinner today. These explosions were carried out by American forces to destroy their equipment, so that the citizens of Kabul do not worry.”. Towel heads are bullshitting again.

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