• Biden could, and would take out a Ninth Year Old Woman with a Donkey using a "Drone" and swear it was Revenge for the Terrorists Attack! " And none of His Sycophants would ever pause to question.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • He's SOOOO full of schiff!!! You'll do whatever Xi tells you,PUPPET!

  • He is SOOO full of ūüí© and himself! Is that another line in the sand like Obama?¬†9493104487?profile=RESIZE_930x

  • what a bunch of horse dung.

  • What an idiot no one is running or hiding from him. The media want to make him another Trump another Reagan another Eisenhower when all he is is a puppet¬†

  • Shit for brains and sewage from his mouth

  • Big talk from a sniveling coward ,¬† nothing of a leader . Go get your sippy cup and icecream¬† fool.

  • I am sure they are running as he speaks but probably toward him. the whole world is laughing at him and us.

  • Yeah, and Hunter Biden says he will gladly go... if he can serve as the Opium Czar... State Department, in a drug-induced stupor, concurs.¬† ¬†His father adds his support and makes the Taliban an offer they can't refuse... open borders, direct marketing for their drugs and government sanctuary in our major cities.¬† ... Just kidding, or am I?

  • Yeah, who will hunt them down the FBI... they are too busy rounding up law-abiding citizens for protesting the Election Fraud... Maybe you'll send the Border Patrol since they are useless on the border or the DEA since the war on drugs is obviously lost.¬† There is always the Girl Scouts, I hear they have a plan to convert the terrorist with their next cookie drive.¬†¬†

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