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  • How about jail  for him he's in the crime family!

    • What court will sentence hjm?

      Durham just lost.

    • Sentence him... the better question is who will indict or prosecute him or any of his Marxist allies and New World Order elite... Welcome to feudalism anew... complete with a new age ruling aristocracy and lots of indentured serfs and sharecroppers, who owe their soul to the company store. I am reminded of the Tennessee Ernie Ford's famous song about the life of a coal miner it was called: '16 Tons' and is worth listening to as it tells a story that is not too far from the truth.

      Click on the line below:

      Videos of I owe my soul to the company store song

      See:   Sixteen Tons - Tennessee Ernie Ford (Video Version)

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    • Change must start at the local level.

    • Exactly... Lasting reform must start in the living rooms and town squares of America before it can correct the problems in Washington, D.C.

  • Oh, look very carefully and you can see the puppet strings moving his hands and mouth...

  • Bible has words for him...

  • And he speaks with such tenderness in his voice...

  • Biden thinks he has absolute power over Americans and God.  Must be his dementia kicking in.

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