• Fed up with our COMMUNIST OVERTHROW yet?


  • i'm waiting for someone who is caught doing something wrong to use the " it's because of being a slave on a plantation excuse " even though slavery ended over 150 years ago

  • The whole world knows the election was stolen and and Biden and his socialist party made Putin and his communist regime look second rated when it come on stealing elections but We the People will never surrender to their socialist government¬†

  • He is such a blithering idiot

  • This is a joke he and the obama are into this it is sick if any fall for this they are blind.

  • Our voting IS under attack, the demonCrats rig the voting machines to put their candidate in office. Blatant, in your face theft occurred in 2020. They've been rigging our elections for a while...Obama didn't win 2012 that too was stolen, unfortunately Obama and Romney were BOTH on the same side so it didn't make much difference then.

  • If I read this idiot correctly, Obama was not really a president, and every black doctor and lawyer, etc., is a fake because they were never really allowed an honest education so the Democrats, Juneteenth, and changing school curriculums will change everything?¬† BS!!!

  • Someone needs to expose the 2 sources of this attempt to divide the country are 2 men:
    George Soros
    Andy Stern
    George Soros wants to bankrupt the U.S.A. for profit from financial marketing scheme he has done to other countries; and
    Andy Stern (Marxist SEIU Union Boss) wants to overthrow the U.S.A. government and for him to become the 1st Marxist Dictator of the U.S.A.

    Andy Stern is the boss of all labor unions in the U.S.A. (teachers, entertainment, movies, newspapers, and Main Stream Media), and is boss of ANTIFA and the Democratic Party.

  • Oh, he just meant to say that voting is been unraveled.

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