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This was definitely the funniest thing I’ve read so far today.

Joe Biden, who had difficulty having anyone come to any of his events, whose “rallies” may have had those poor little social distancing circles, just not a lot of supporters, is now really upset that Twitter wouldn’t just turn over to him the presidential Twitter account with President Donald Trump’s massive number of followers.

Twitter has decided that while they are turning over the @POTUS and @WhiteHouse accounts to Biden, the account followers will be wiped to zero, that followers will be notified of the change of account and given the choice if they want to continue to follow. Some media initially falsely claimed this was the president’s decision, but Twitter made it clear that it was theirs and theirs alone.

Biden’s transition team gave a statement to CNN, complaining about not getting the followers who Trump had built up.

“Twitter’s reluctance to transfer millions of followers from the Trump Administration to the Biden Administration unnecessarily politicizes what otherwise should be a routine transfer of communication from one administration to the next,” spokesperson Cameron French declared.

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  • Obtaining the list of Trump supporters is not about political or social networking and communications... The list will be used for REPARATIONS and RETRIBUTION. The fraudulently elected Biden Administration will use the list to identify and pursue those on the list as enemies of the State. Purging the opposition is what Marxists do. When they take power, they eliminate the opposition thru ruthless purges.  Don't think it is possible in America?  Well, who thought massive in your face Election Fraud would be possible? Who would have believed that the SCOTUS would permit the Nation's Electoral Process to be hijacked by Fraud?  Who would believe that the DOJ and FBI would become agents of crime... a criminal enterprise?  Wake up America is at war, and the Left is not pulling any punches.

    Mr. President, use your police and enforcement powers to 'Take Care' that the laws be faithfully executed...  put down the insurrection and Coup before the left puts you and your family behind bars or worse. Make no mistake you are a primary target of the left. There will be no 2004 campaign for a second term if Biden is permitted to steal the Office of President.  The left will not permit you or ANYONE LIKE YOU to hold the reigns of government ever again. 

    The time to act is NOW or NEVER...  There will be no second chance to drain the swamp or to remove the Marxist Deep State from our government.  If the Biden Administration is permitted to take control of our government our Constitutional Republic will be beyond peaceful restoration. Civil war will be the only option should a Biden Administration be permitted to assume the reins of government.  Our electoral process will be permanently rigged... we will never be able to peacefully restore our Constitutional Republic.

    • Excellent thinking, Colonel.  Merry Christmas.

    • I suppose we all are on the list of criminals needing retribution or re-education?

      Remember the Obama Amdministration designating patriot groups as domestic terrorists empowering FBI and IRS actions?

      But Joe Biden would never allow that, would he?

    • AGREE 100%

  • For once Twutter is doing the right thing.....  the only way I would follow Biden is to escort him to Jail  and then I would give him a FB wave as I gleefully went to Parler

    • Don't bet on it... First, we have no way of knowing if Twitter transfers this list except their word... Next, there is no way Twitter or Facebook can guarantee that some agent within their organization will not act independently to provide the list to the Biden Administration, giving Twitter plausible deniability of such transfer.. it was a hacker that did it... the dog ate my homework.  Any official denial by Twitter is only as good as their WORD... and their WORD is Crap.

    • so either way twitter would get it to the fraud POS

    • Exactly, they will leak it to him... that way they can deny they gave the list to Biden,  and thus they hope to stop a massive loss of subscribers... members leaving for being betrayed.


  • Good.  I am NOT a Biden follower!

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