• @2 nd amendmant dont say what type of guns we own.. He is a total ass.. and he needs to go as well as Pelosi Schummer and schiff and all the corrupt Democrats.. News Flash corrupt Joe China created the virus to take over the world no wonder you allowed your pedofile loving son work for the ccp and the Ukraine oil company ..  your the one who is a tresonist person.. so kiss my white ass.. Signed a USAF Veteran ..

  • Lets give him a gun maybe he will shoot himself in the foot ... He is as stupid as a do do bird .. rofl 

  • As has been stated many times before in this blog we need to institute the Condfedration of the States and be rid of Biden and Harris....why has nothing happened yet as this discourse as it is in our Constituion so why do we just sit on our collective asses and not invoke it?!!!

    • WHY?... Lack of leadership, Organization, FUNDING IS COMPLETELY INADEQUATE for any significant undertaking to restore Constitutional Government... until we have funding none of the other items... leadership, organization, and progress to reform will happen...Unlike, the Left we don't have a George Soros, Bill Gates, or a Bizo's writing checks to organize and support the large demonstrations and political prowess necessary to bring about real Constitutional Reforms.   

      Know anyone with a spare 300 million or so lying around ... to fund a real effort at Constitutional Reform... No... then don't anticipate the needle on reform to move from empty to full... not going to happen.  Money speaks and BS walks... that is the problem in a nut shell.

    • I have said it before that we all know someone who has a spare 300 million laying around but for some reason he isn't using it to save the country even if we all know he is the only one who can make America great again. 300 million are nothing for a guy who says he is worth upwards of 10 billion. Why is he not stepping up.? 

    •  Why is he not stepping up.?  Good question.  Better why isn't anyone with the finances stepping up to fund a real effort at constitutional reform... giving to the GOP is a waste of time.  I suspect it is all smoke and mirrors... when it counts the smoke fills the room and the tough simply leave... pointing the finger at the poor and middle class for not voting or for their lack of participation... maybe just maybe they are too busy trying to make a living to go on a month-long sit-in or too drop everything to spend a week in DC... just maybe they need financial help and we need to take a page from the Democrat Handbook and pay those out of work to extend weekend rallies into month-long demonstration... just maybe the man with the big bucks should look around, and wake up.  Eventually, their money will be taken by the State as the middle class goes broke they will be taxed for the loss in revenue from the middle class... spending some of their wealth now, to limit the state and save the middle class, maybe a wise investment.

  • Lets Nuke his sorry ass while we still the way.....they took away his nuke codes so I am not too worried right now.....

    • Douglas... 

      The Laws and regulations regarding the activation of a Nuclear strike don't provide for a sitting President to be denied access to the codes... in fact, the President is the key official for activating the process to launch a counter-strike... unless dead he is critical to the process.  What is supposed to happen when most of the Administration and DOD believes the President is unstable, suffering from dementia or other debilitating mental disorder, is his REMOVAL FROM HIS OFFICE, using the 25th Amendment to declare him unable to perform his duties.

      The President remains in charge of the Military and has the Nuclear CODES until he is removed from office by Death, the end of his term in office, Impeachment., the proper invocation of the 25th Amendment, or the passage of an  Amendment to the US Constitution dictating his removal...  PERIOD.  ANy nonsense about his having the football removed from his control if true would be unconstitutional and a violation of our current laws regarding the use of nuclear weapons.

      There are safeguards built into the system that keep an unbalanced President from starting a nuclear war.... the Joint Chiefs of Staff, together with those officers and senior civilians in the chain of command are duty-bound to deny an illegal activation of our nuclear arms.  Any ILLEGAL attempted use by the President would result in the officers in the Chain of Command counter-manding such an order.  They would not take away his Codes... they'd simply not follow through with his orders or activation of the system.

  • What happened to this site? I don't have much time to come here often but it looks like many others have given up entirely. Not even a post about the current tyranny elicits many responses. It sure is high time that Trump comes back and that he takes full control of the country to eradicate the swamp and to keep power in his hands for good. No more fake elections!

  • The only reason to rebel will be because the nitwit president and congress will allow this country to overtaken by left wing, progressive, power hungry, low life democrats.  We are quickly approching that point.  Biden has got to go.   


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