• Connections to  China ,HELL! Joe Biden ,Hunter and his brother are joined at hip to China if you ask me .

    As for stopping Biden and his lemings there is "The Convention Of The States" option provided to We The People " by the Founding Fathers.

    It takes 2/ 3 rds of the states to hold a Convention Of The States . That body has the power to iimpose its will on the congess as long as they stay

    with in the frame work of the Constitution Of The United States .   For one thing,  they can vote to impose strick TERM LIMITS on the Congress .

    Check into "Convention Of The States." for more Details 

  • There has to be a Totally Legal Way to Stop this administration from creating Solid Ties To An Enemy State Of China and It's CCP..! How in hell do we simply let this all just go along..? This Is Puking Insanity..!

    • the only way is to have another election.

  • they ate purely Demon posses people.

  • Democrats are taking C.C.P's ORDERS for installing their Totlaitarian Government. Wake TF up people,would ya!!!

  • NOT a supprise!

  • More biden garbage dumped on Americans

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