• Most unabashed liar that ever USURPED the office.

  • Our country has been stolen! Our entire Government is now a disaster. They are NOT working their American citizens.

  • All they want is bring fear to the people and control them they want you to do what they said or you will die what a bunch of idiots don't they know the rate of dieing is 100%

  • What an idiot

  • It looks like OBiden and Kameltoe Hairless have taken a double shot of the dumb a$$ pill 💊 


  • COVID Vaccine is as big a Lie as everything concerning COVID has been. The Greatest fraud ever pulled of by the Communist deep State Globalists. It is not a Vacciine. It's Experimental Gene Therapy. Big Pharma wants everyone sick and this shot will accomplish that. They are using people as Lab Rats.


  • Go after the "President"? You couldn't possibly mean Beijing Biden, because he is NOT President. He is nothing but a liar, cheat, fraud. thief, pervert, communist and baby murderer who deliberately stole the election from our REAL President. Let's call the creep what he really is.

    • Melanie, I can't use those words on here, lol.

    • Ok, so we can do that in our minds and with each other privately. We all know what we mean.


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