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President Joe Biden recently signed a law mandating (persondating?) that all new vehicles sold after 2026 must be equipped with electronic “kill switches.” These switches could conceivably be used by government officials—or hackers—to seize control of one’s car without permission or oversight.

Oddly enough, the law was essentially hidden inside of the administration’s LGBTQ-friendly $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill that was passed late last year.

The “kill switch law” would potentially allow law enforcement to shut one’s car off remotely, and also to track the car’s metrics, location, and possibly even passenger load. The mandate was included under the pretext of helping to cut down on drunk driving while also preventing high-speed chases from occurring.

Such backdoor kill switches work through cars being continuously connected to wireless networks. Many, if not most, new cars (and virtually all electric cars) already come standard with wireless capability. Indeed, General Motors pioneered in-car (internet) connectivity more than a decade ago.

It is possible that the law could be challenged or repealed by a future federal government, as privacy issues with the mandate are glaring and obvious.

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  • Good luck asshole

  • Beleive me, I'll find a way to disable it in mine; already killed the ON STAR in the truck

    • That's great! If you do face and solve the issue, I' think multitudes would be greatful if it was shared.

  • These overpaid idiots who populate "congress" haven't got the time nor interest in seeing what's in the legislation that passes through their greedy hands on a daily basis.  They're far too consumed with shamelessly panhandling for money 24/7/365 from their constituents and "party" members while gladly accepting BILLIONS of dollars from special interest groups.  This is nothing more than institutionalized bribery.  Wake up, America!


  • The ability for government to shut down your car has been in place for over a decade.  Vehicles with ONSTAR have this capability. 

  • It's time for any patriotic auto software hackers to start coming up with ways to block this intrusion. The cars were originally computerized to, supposedly, make them more efficient and environmentally friendly. But now the real reason has come out… it was to make it possible for the government to control all mean of travel of its I mean citizens!

  • I have said it recently,

     no Constitutional violation is unthinkable to these brazen Social Progressives (aka Democrats).

  • This has to be repealed immediately 

  • This is an example of why Bills should contain ONLY law directly applicable to the primary purpose for the BIll... it is likely that most of the lawmakers where unaware of this provision.  Attaching riders and Amendments to a Bill should be limited to issues taken up in the Bill ONLY...

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