• That Illegal President Is Absolutely Destorying This Country and The Fact Is - It Is NOT ONLY Latino's Either... There Is Also Muslims and Indians and Many Other Easterners Crossing , Mixing Right In..!  All Biden Is Doing Is Writting and Signing Executive Orders On A Whim and I Doubt Very Much If He Even Realizes What He Has Signed- I can Guarrantee His Handlers Know..!!!  Eventually you could see South And Central Americans Being Shot For Being Here And For Simply Trying To Cross Illegally..! It Is A Damned Wonder It Hasn't Already Happened Because The Ignorant Idiots Are Taking Advantage and Litterally Pushing Their Way In..!

    • we are in crisis inside of the United State of America and the border crisis it's all laid out for the Democratic party to be in power forever.

    • The Red States need to meet in conference and decide what they can do too preserve the Union .... if at all possible?  If not then a plan of action to dissolve the union and too form a new government by CONSENT of the People must take place before millions end up taking up arms against a very repressive and criminal government.


    • Exactly, Loren! Watch David Nino Rodriguez on Tube...He just interviewed former ICE agen Victor Avila 2 days ago. The border patrol is testing these people and sending them on (positive or not). Our tax dollars are paying for health, bus rides, plane rides "whatever these illegals want!" NOT TO MENTION THE TRAFFICKERS! Still praying. God Help Us in Jesus Name I Pray!

    • Exactly Lynne... we are financing the Marxist invasion of our own country... they have to laughing their rears off.

    • Yet here we are the American Citizens still having to wear face diapers, avoid relatives and friends, close businesses and go broke but these criminals are just allowed to walk amongst us FREE of these restrictions

    • can you tell me what's wrong with this picture? because the coronavirus is on the Democratic party point and simple I am tired of facemask, and the virus this is all demonic in nature.

    • Anyone who crossed illegally should be shot since they are an invasion force against the United States!!

    • Hear, Hear!


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