• A manufactured disaster, a fraudulent means for a remanufactured country

  • DISASTER???  This is VINTAGE BIDEN*!!!  CRISIS IS CORRECT!!!  Your spin means NOTHING!!!  "Hopes and dreams" my arse.

  • What’s happening in Washington right now is doing more irreparable damage to our Republic than anything the outrage media accused President Trump of ever doing. We know the Left completely lost their minds the day Donald Trump rode down his Golden Escalator in Trump Tower to do something they couldn’t fathom: tell the American people the truth.



    • I agree with you 100% I think we lost the flavor of telling the truth anymore.

  • The only reason that it is a disaster is that Biden was stupid enough to change the Trump plan.  These people are crazy.  

    • Biden isn't doing anything, and that was the plan all along; this is Obama 2.0 and Kamala Harris, Susan Rice and other radical leftists in the administration are getting their marching orders from the same folks who were running Obama. Remember her? ...... the one who blamed the Benghazi massacre on an internet video to protect Felonious Hillary von Pantsuit?

    • this is Obama's 3rd term in office and George Soros plays a major part of Biden in the white house.

    • This is the global ESTABLISHMENT.  Follow the trail over 100 the Fed Reserve and the global elite bankers.

  • it's going to get worse as the day goes by.

  • Your JOB is not to deal with the Hopes and Dreams of CRIMINALS entering the US illegally... Making it more responsive to illegal aliens is ignoring who you work for OR IS IT...

    Maybe, maybe you are working for the Socialist International... Unaccompanied children?  They just wander up through 3000 miles of criminals... and natural dangers... yeah, their parents really love them... 

    are these idiots for real... These migrants are looking for a REVENUE STREAM, not a work fair.

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