• ROFLMAO......he causes all of the problems and wants to deny.....extreme narcissism caused by dementia.

  • Biden is a tax and spend communist. I can't wait until we get President Donald J. Trump back into the White House. We the people need and want another fiscally responsible and a very successful business man to run the country. Trump presided over a balnced budget and the most successful economy in the long run but the demonrats took it away from him and messed it all up. 

  • He's losing it - not unusual for a person with many different forms of dementia.

  • Shirley Williams..I dont know what State you live in but gasoline apprroaching $1/gallon has long ago left America as in California we are at almost $7 dollars a gallon today so I don't know where you come up with your numbers?!!!

  • Does anyone give a tinkers damn what China Joe wants or dosen,t wants???

    • I detest him politically.  But I do care because he has dementia and is being trotted all over the globe making a laughing stock of himself and America.  Out here in the real world, Jill Biden would be arrested for abuse and neglect of a senior and her spouse.   And I can say that after 40 years in home health.

  • but we were told that we could keep our doctor


    I think the lies he's already told is enough, so he gets his wish, he won't hear anymore lies, just the ones he's already told is satisfent to impeach him. 

  • The lier wants to deceive the people just like his father the devil 

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