• But who is worse, ole matress strapped to her back or worthless joe??? OUR COUNTRY is in a LOT OF TROUBLE!!!

  • Dictators are never nice,Joe.

  • NO NO NO... Biden, they think you're stupid!

    • Don't think, they know you are stupid

  • he is a joke and deomonic in nature.

  • "Biden Says Surge On The Border Is Because They Think He's A "Nice Guy'"

    They are in for a surprise.

    Illegal aliens are a pawn like the BLM.

    Joe can just as easily blow them off remorselessly.


  • NO, it's because he is dumber than a box of rocks!!!!

    • You are insulting rocks again!

  • It's because that's one of the ways President Xi told YOU to ATTACK our country. Roaming hordes of Black ISIS and ANTIFA allowed to run amuck next. Only TYRANTS fear a armed Citizenry,Chairman Joe,rhymes with Bao.

  • Nice guy - NO!!! Schemer, user, general dishonest character - YES!!! Traitor, definitely!!!

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