• I agree it's not enough. Biden and his ilk/commiecrats should already be in jail themselves....for their anti-American treason. I also don't doubt he'll give the Wisconsin savage, if not a medal, a pardon for his savagery.

  • What did he have to say about HIS "BOY" that rammed and killed people in that Thanks Giving Parade?   CRICKETTS?

  • To FJB, STFU!

  • He is just trying to show the people he is for a strong law and order rules what an idiot he doesn't fool the people 

  • If I actually wanted Biden's opinion on anything, I would tear his head off and dip it out.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • What will he say when they rule that he has to dish out millions to Rittenhouse?

  • Yes and Your Presidency is not enough either...

  • Just goes to prove that Beijing Biden doesn't believe in our system of justice unless he can exploit it for political ends! 

  • Oh screw you Joe.

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