One of the recommendations unveiled in the “Biden-Sanders Unity Task Force” proposal involves establishing a commission to examine the impact of slavery and Jim Crow with the end goal of recommending “remedies,” or reparations. The task force refers to the move as a “building block to begin to redress the harms committed against African Americans.”

The unity plan explicitly calls for the passage of Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee’s (D-TX) Commission to Study and Develop Reparation Proposals for African-Americans Act, or H.R. 40, calling it an “important first step” in the scope of the greater “comprehensive agenda for communities of color”:

We recognize that physical security is a precursor to economic security, and that the overpolicing of communities of color, the criminalization of poverty, and historic and ongoing injustices against sovereign Tribal nations contribute to racial gaps in wealth and income. Importantly, too, we recognize the damaging impacts of barriers to generational wealth-building, including the legacy impact of longstanding prejudices in the employment and housing markets, and prioritize closing the racial wealth gap by lowering disparities in employment rates and compensation, health care outcomes, homeownership, and business ownership.

The commission, per the task force recommendation, will serve as the “building block to begin to redress the harms committed against African Americans, including slavery, sharecropping, Jim Crow, redlining, and the deliberate exclusion of Black Americans from the benefits of the New Deal, G.I. Bill, and other wealth-building government programs.”

Notably, far-left members of the “Squad,” the majority of whom backed Sen. Bernie Sanders’ (I-VT) presidential bid, have publicly supported the legislation. Last month, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) called for the passage of Jackson Lee’s proposal in celebration of Juneteenth.

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  •  I thought US Law forbid Corruption of Blood as a punishment...  Generational penalties ended with King George and feudal law.  Every race has been the victim of slavery at one time or another in the history of the world...  shall they all be paid reparations for ancient wrongs?  The entire argument for reparations is absurd and without legal merit.  

  • These worthless turds will do anything for a few more votes. I hope that dark skinned Americans wake up to the fact they are being "used".

  • Let us say for the sake of discussion that ther North waged the Civil War to end slavery. Almost 370,000 Union solders, the overwhelming majority of them white, died in that conflict. I would say that we have already made more than sufficient reparations. True, black people in the South were subjected to 100 years of Jim Crow after the war ended. So take it out on the Democrat Party and their millions. After all, they were the ones responsible for it.

  • it's getting crazy because we've been living in a delusional state of mind for the last 8 years.

  • I agree we should give Reparations to any slave that is still alive.

  • I think they should both write a personal check out of their bank accounts to pay for any reparations... and they should turn over all their personal property and real estate to the closest Black Family in their home towns...  Then they should take a knee in their home town public square to apologize to all the Blacks in America for taking so long to do what is right...  If they are not willing to do that then they should forget any of us common men and women bowing to reparations.


  • No doubt Trump will win with a landslide in November. 

  • Hey IDIOTS, you can take your "reparations" and shove them WAY UP your ASSES, you ain't getting ANY from  ME for SURE!

    • How many times and in how many ways must America pay reparations to individuals who never suffered under slavery... I thought US Law denied 'Corruption of Blood' as a penalty for violating the law?  That generational punishment and penalties went out with King George.

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