Biden's not the candidate-Biden is just a placeholder

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It's time for President Trump to start telling the raw truth to the American people. He knows it. I know it. Most voters who don't suffer from "Trump Derangement Syndrome" know it. Anyone with a brain and common sense knows it.

If you think your choice in this election is Donald Trump versus Joe Biden, you're blind, deaf or really dumb. Biden's not the candidate. Biden is just a placeholder, a brand name at the top to scam voters. But he will never serve as the actual president. Who's dumb enough to not see that?

The real behind-the-scenes winners will be Kamala Harris as president and Nancy Pelosi as vice president. Add in the infamous radical Commie Squad as the Cabinet. That's who's really running the Democratic Party nowadays: Reps. Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Ayanna Pressley and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. And don't forget former President Barack Obama and Rep. Maxine Waters for the Supreme Court.

That's the team you're really voting for when you vote for Biden: two California crazies and a bunch of commies (literally).

But it's certainly not Biden. Even Biden knows it. He spilled the beans just days ago. He called it "the Harris-Biden administration" while talking to the press. Can you imagine? Even the presidential candidate knows deep down he's not going to be the actual president.

Days ago, Harris spilled the beans by mistake, too. She was talking to the press and called it "the Harris administration." Has any VP candidate in history ever made this mistake? Did Dan Quayle forget George H.W. Bush and call it "the Quayle administration?" Did Al Gore forget Bill Clinton and call it "the Gore administration?" Did Joe Biden forget Barack Obama and call it "the Biden administration?" Of course not.

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  • I did a google search on, "The Republican Party is the real government and the Democratic Party is just a placeholder between Republican governments." and this is where I ended up.

    So...hi y'all!

    • you need to  find out don't leave us hanging.


  • he needs to be in jail along with Obama and his administration.

  • Biden has been a career politician "crook" for most of his life. We all know that the communist party his pulling all the strings to this puppet. He sold his country down the creek for money. That is all they know how to do. Trump is a different animal, he can't be bought and they hate him because of it. Trump is truly standing in the way of Obama's revolution. BLM is his creature and soon they won't be stoppable, at least not by Force. The communist must be stopped now, or all hell will break lose.

  •  How can anyone argue with this assessment using common sense and logic as tools of reasoning? The democrat party is a lying criminal machine composed of people who absolutely lust for the power to control the lives and minds of the American public.  It is an enterprise of evil.  And that is not, I repeat NOT, an exaggeration.

    Past performance of this party proves its purpose.  As far back as the election of JFK, which was rigged, and any honest approach to history verifies that it was, on down to more recent times with Obama, Biden, Clinton, and the gang of gangsters assisting them, starkly exposing the intent of this party, and it has now become openly expressed as well, and  that is, Transform America into something it was never intended to be.

    Aided by academia and a deceived media constantly lying to the public, the effort is well on its way to fruition.  Donald Trump has been the only monkey wrench in their plans to transform, and have so far failed.  So far.  Even a recent attempt on his life has failed.  So far.

    I add the comments above simply for knowing that this article does not go far enough in telling it like it really is.  A great essay, but way to mild.

    This election is rigged already. Right now.  If Harris becomes the executive then America will be under the control of a witch, one who would make the traditional vision of a witch seem absolutely benign in comparison.

    This must not be allowed to happen.

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