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A rehearsal for U.S President-elect Joe Biden's inauguration has been postponed due to security concerns amid mounting fears of violent clashes in DC.

The rehearsal was scheduled for Sunday but has now been pushed back to Monday, according to Politico, who cited two people with knowledge of the decision.

Biden's team had also canceled an Amtrak trip from Wilmington to Washington on Monday due to heightened security concerns, the report added.

Biden will be inaugurated on Wednesday, January 20.

It comes after FBI Director Christopher Wray revealed Thursday that his organization was looking into individuals who could possibly threaten the safety of the inauguration.

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  • Only this kind of hate is allowed on the net.

    Biden is NOT the President. He's Xi's Puppet. These people have sold us out for the love of money. Which is the root of all evil.Nancy...........God's coming for ya!!!! Greedy Vindictive Bwitch!!!  These people are all criminals! We can't allow ourselves to be governed by tyrants!!!! They've destroyed trust in everything!...........Now they plan on just killing us. THEY'VE SAID SO!!!!!

    Whiteness in America
    If we do not finally confront whiteness in America, it will suffocate the nation.
  • Gosh Xo. If you throw in the towel today, I can honestly say that I will not lose any respect I hold for you now in doing the right thing.

    Given that Xo = 0

    0 - 0 = 0.

  • The Democrats a planning large scale "Waco" to gain support for their destruction of the Bill of Rights 

    • Sure looks that way to me. They've made NO SECRET of "Cleansing" us.have they? Guess who'll be doing their killing for them? Black ISIS and Antifa.


  • And just what are those security concerns?  Individuals who could possibly threaten the safety - well yes BLM and Antifa would do that, but it seems to me the powers that be allowed BLM and Antifa to riot in D,C. last summer and didn't have any concerns then.  I think the main concern is that the soon to be first slut of the U.S. is having trouble getting Joe dressed.

  • they are there to assist in the mass arrests

  • They're over reacting like the deceiving people they are. Why aren't we labeling the FBI as a domestic terrorist group ? They give us whatever insult label they want because doesn't everyone insult their bosses but if we question their corrupt actions we get the anti government label. Being anti corrupt government isn't a bad thing or it used to not be. Where's the proof ? Past 5 years and beyond. They don't care about being hypocritical, they don't care if you expose their two faced double standard hypocrisy, that's clear. They count on making us feel guilty for not going along with it and it's been working for them so far. They're using intimidation with our troops to stop any disagreements we have with them.They don't care if we distrust them as long as we're good little sheep about it and don't make a fuss. 

    • They overthrew our country and we know it. They're scared for their lives,as they should be!.............Wouldn't you be too?


    • I wouldn't sell out my countrymen/women but if I did I would be for sure.  

    • Trump told us and the world with all the honesty he is known for that the US is a low level banana republic, in which you cannot trust law enforcement like the FBI or the CIA, the courts, the elections, or much else besides our President, who speaks the truth and keeps his promises. We the people need to be grateful to Trump for telling us straight up what is really going on in the US, and for making America great again. Thank you, Mr. President!

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