Gasline in the 'burbs of Georgia:

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  • There isn't enough electrical grid and power to support the Green Agenda... starting with charging stations for electric cars.  Many of our more populated areas are already having brownouts and are not capable of providing more power without massive upgrading.  Imagine what would happen if large numbers of electric cars are suddenly hooking up to charging stations.  Has anyone given thought to how many charging stations it will take to provide recharging demands if electric cars become a major part of our transportation system?.

    The Green movement apparently doesn't want American Families to have private vehicles... access to personal transport.  There simply will not be sufficient charging stations and enough hours in the day to charge electric vehicles if they become a major part of our transport system... even if we furnish enough recharging stations, there will not be enough ELECTRICAL POWER available without undergoing a complete redesign of our electrical grid and its use... Period.  The Green movement wants us all on bicycles and public mass transport.  If you live in a semi-rural or rural area with long commutes you are going to be in serious trouble... as mass transit will not be there.  The necessary expansion and problematic upgrades to the grid that will be required to handle the massive increases in demand will come at the expense of personal home usage and reductions in non-essential power consumption... air conditioning, refrigeration, hot water, etc.  It will result in mandating smaller homes, more expensive and better insulation, and the use of supplemental solar panels on our homes and businesses... more expensive and smaller homes, mean smaller families and less disposable income for other purposes than power.

    These so-called Green solutions for our power generate a whole set of environmental problems... associated with the current green technologies... their manufacturing wastes, disposal of a host of chemical wastes associated with the manufacture and use of computers and Green micro-technologies are not all identified.  We can be assured that environmental problems will only grow as we expand the supposed Green technologies, as it did both CFLs and the Mercury contamination associated with the disposal of these bulbs. The massive expansion of transformers and the associated irradiation, together with the chemical wastes in the production and maintenance of the electric grid and its Green systems... Nothing in the green system accounts for the pollution associated with its massive expansion and conversion of the grid to supply its 'supposed' green energy.  There is no environmental impact statement proving that Green Power systems are safe, environmentally sound, and ready to be fielded without creating serious problems ... and negative environmental impact.  We already know there are problems with wildlife around windmills, that CFLs are poisoning our landfills, and that the chemicals used to produce microchips, printed circuits, and other modern marvels of technology ... batteries and their components all have serious environmental problems.  It appears the Left is willing to trade a known technology for an unknown... fossil fuels for experimental green technologies.

    • The Texas Terrier suggests that alternative energy sources exist but are not commonly known or accepted  for exploitation (lithium nuclear reactors are an example that comes to my mind for both safety and expense). He suggests that even if we were to seek replacements to current coal, and petroleum production, thiose means would be shunted. We are intended to be economically collapsed for lack of inexpensive availible energy.

      Surely federal pennitentiaries ought to warehouse for decades, seditionists like Whitmer and Biden? These acts affect the whole country and lives dependent of energy flow.

  • well, well, well this is purely Demonic and the Obama administration is to blame for this because the green new deal is Demonic I will say this to AOC and the rest of the Muslim Democrats in the white house.

  • Criminal investigators would call the reasons for the Energy Secretarys viewpoint, Modus Operandi, and also explains why she gloatingly seems to have no intentions to resolve the end-consumer crisis.

    In her mind, who is the servant and who is the Master of how people decide to conduct their daily lives?

  • Now the bitch Whitmer in Michigan is threatening to shut down another pipeline

    • Boy BIg Energy has to love this.. selling energy at huge price increases and without shipping a drop or having the expense associated with moving it around... got to be making up for a year in lost revenues due to the massive reduction in domestic consumption associated with sheltering at home, huge reductions in commuters, no school buses drinking up huge amounts of fuel ... huge drops in airline miles and fuel consumption...   a 40% reduction in our economic output had to hit Big Energy where it hurt and they are now making up for lost revenue by gouging us with fixed price increases.  

  • You're going to be amazed when you see how quickly these USURPING COMMUNISTS destroy our country. I thought they'd at least let us enjoy one last summer of fun before they continued with on with their world wide mission to destroy the humanity FOREVER!!!

    How do we know it isn't our new totalitarian regime that shut he pipe line down.  Yet another atrack from within,just as they ae attacking the country at the bordet. That's what it is,SAY IT!!! WTF do he mean CRISIS.............It'sa BLATENT ATTACK ON OUR COUNTRY!!!!................PERIOD! H.R. 1 CANCELS THE CONSTITUTION..................PERIOD! Don't believe the lying communists!!!

  • Let's just face it. Democrats have never lived in the real world.. They are like children with ideas that sound good, but have never been implemented. They don't know for sure what works and we are the guinea pigs,and America will fall into the abyss as the Dems play without a clue. Pray Pray Pray. God is our only hope for survival. 

  • Did the Biden administration hire someone to do this Cyber attack on our pipeline? Now we have a gas shortage & they are pushing their Green New Deal agenda.

  • These people are truly clueless.  Renewable energy at this point is a scam - wind turbines fail regularly and have to be connected to a 'gas' generator to start and cost a small fortune to make a install; unless you live in a very warm sunny area solar panels are not efficient, and not everybody can afford to purchase an electric car additional lythere are not a lot of charging stations and if you live in an older home it is very likely you will not have the ability to charge the car outside your home.  . This reporter and the Biden administration are operating with less than 1/2 a brain.

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