• WOW! This grown womans blithering idiocy is a poster event for the banning of the First Amendment excercise, except that the First Amendment ban would also be an unconstitutional breach too. So no Jen O'Malley Dillon, no sale. At all. Your ideas fail before they even start. 

    By the by, there is one place Beto can be told to go. You can go there too.

  • Democrats are starting a Civil War ! AGAIN ! 1860 all over again!

    • Well, let's accommodate them!


  • Get all this idiots out of power 

  • Like many of us, I've seen this coming for decades and all I can say is that most people talk, but never DO anything!  Is there a group that will even send emails/messages to the CIA/FBI/DOJ or how many even know who the CISA is  ('')?  We are in so much trouble, it's almost unbelievable and for 50 years it's always been worse than I throught at the time.... including NOW! 

  • Biden is a criminal idiot. 

  • Does Joe want to make it 150M plus 1??

  • they WON'T get mine!!!!!

  • I can see she has already brain washed her kids.

  • Will never happen. The American revolution was conceved in the many barrel house's of this land. The left want to close down those house's of ideas and stifle freedom of speech. The militia and such were able to flourish with the free exchange of ideas. Rise up, rise up, fling open those house's of freedom and let the people speak. Together we stand, alone we will fall. And ultimately die under the boot of tyranny.

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