• Sounds like hazardous duty for the few federal officers that foolishly try to execute the intention.

    I figure local LEOS will have nothing to do with it, starving Feds for resources.

    And Jen O'Malley Dillon still looks like a burly transexual.

  • I don't have any assault weapons but won't give them what I have!!!!!

  • Not going to happen. I will never give up my right to bear arms. We all need to draw the line on that matter.

  • I would like to comment on bidens statement but I don't want the gestapo looking me up.

    • I hear ya!👍

  • Those commies define everything beyond a muzzle loader as an "assault weapon" because they intend to completely disarm everyone but their brown shirt thugs of blm and antifa!!!!!  Tyranny, death, slavery, and poverty are their plans for us, including those stupid enough to vote for them.  Every despot in history has eventually attacked their own supporters and this bunch is no different!!!!!

    • Bob what you said is true, but it only applies to non liberals like us.

    • Mike, they will get to the antifa and blm punks once we are gone, every despot in history has

  • President Xi's Biden Puppet wants to abolish the second...................So the left can turn tyrant unabashed on us!!! They made lists you know!!!!

  • Good luck with that joe, WW3ringabell

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