• Makes sense. Democrats are globalist Marxist creeps.

    • More than just that. They are hard-core communist and must be purged from America!! NO COMMUNIST IN AMERICA!!

  • Biden is clueless. He will obviously get clobbered by Trump in November, who will win with another landslide. It's not even a fair match!!!

    • He doesn't realize, if he gets elected he won't live long! He's a walking dead mam!

    • Well, it's true that he isn't a match, but even if you were elected, he would only be sitting in the old office to allow someone else to run everything because he is not up to the challenge. The Democrats know that. It's still their way of getting their foot in the door of the oval office again and then they can put in anybody they want. It doesn't have to be someone elected. You could be Barack Obama, God for bid, or it could be Hillary, or any other nut cake her fruit cake they come up with. There in lies the big problem. He wouldn't be president, he would be making an opportunity for someone else to run everything. And then he would become either dead or severely incapacitated and whoever is the VP would rise to the presidency. Whoever that may be in at the rate he's going it's going to be a real dumb clock! So we better hope and pray that Trump doesn't get reelected in a landslide. If there's even the Sulaitis question that it wasn't legitimate or that it was a close call they will never concede. As usual, time to pray often and fervently. This is a terribly critical time in the history of this country and in the history of the world.

    • I put this link on multiple discussions so more people will see it. To think this election is going to be easy is a grave mistake. Joe Biden is not the opposition. The DEMOCRAT MACHINE is the opposition. The Deep State is the opposition. The New World Order is the opposition. The Tech Giants are the opposition. These people will stop at NOTHING to get The White House back. The extent of "Voter Fraud " and various other illegal tactics in this coming election will boggle the mind. The outcome will probably be tied up in court 'til Hell freezes over.

    • Absolutely!

    • This video clearly shows that all opposition to Trump must be eliminated completely and he must assume total authority over the United States as soon as possible. It is too scary if we allow the deep state to continue destroying the US. - Thank you for sharing this important video. I hope everyone on this site watches it!

  • Whether he knows it or not, he doesn't know it.

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