Biden’s Campaign Blew Up in a Bad Way


The fraudulent Biden campaign effectively blew up on Thursday night in Nashville. 

After five days of intensive subterranean preparation, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden was coherent and gaffe-free for the first hour and got to the end without any horrifying blunders, though he trailed off into grammatical chaos and jumbled articulation a couple of times. There were relatively few interruptions and no persistent interruptions and neither candidate was acoustically or behaviorally irritating. 

The moderator, Kristen Welker, was fair and efficient. President Trump skillfully cast himself as an “outsider” who gets and has produced results, facing an insider who has accomplished precious little useful after 47 years paddling and wallowing in the public trough and moving steadily to the left.

Trump finally gave a spirited and plausible defense of his COVID leadership and gave voice to the national impatience with a policy of panic and defeatism. He exhorted the audience: “Learn to live with it,” and the former vice president, in what presumably he thought was a clever rejoinder, said that “We will have to learn to die with it.” Trump, in turn, referred effectively, but unhistrionically, to his own bout with the coronavirus. 

Trump’s dismissal of his opponent as “a politician, you’re all talk and no action” was a direct hit, especially when followed by demands to know what had been preventing Biden in his previous 47 years in Washington from doing what he now promises to achieve.

Trump debunked most of the traditional Democratic smears against him. He pointed at the fraudulence of most of the claims of illegally entering families from Latin America being separated from their children when most of the children are just props used to facilitate their entry, and when separated the pretended parents vanish into America and are never seen again.

Biden declined to acknowledge that it was the Obama Administration that built the “cages” on the southern border, and Trump finally hung the vice president and his family’s dealings with Ukraine, Russia, and China around his opponent’s neck like a toilet seat. 

About the “Laptop from Hell”

Biden was pushed into claiming that the laptop of his son retrieved from a computer repair shop in Wilmington, Delaware was a plant created by the Russians.

Although it appears that the Bidens collected approximately $10 million from Russia, China, and Ukraine while Joe Biden was vice president, the Democratic nominee solemnly declared that there was “nothing unethical” in his son’s conduct.

Biden clung to the moth-eaten fraud that the allegations against his son were Russian disinformation (despite U.S. intelligence community denials), and the latest Democratic counter-charge about Trump having a Chinese bank account was dismissed by the president with statements that he had opened one for corporate purposes but closed it two years before he became president. He further noted that the $750 referred to as his taxes in one year were a filing fee and that he had in fact pre-paid tens of millions of dollars in taxes. He reminded viewers that the IRS and the Mueller investigation had gone meticulously through all of his records and tax returns and had not found or alleged one misdirected cent.

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  • The Bible states unequivocally that "sins will find you out". Biden will never live down what is being revealed. He will go away and perhaps write twenty three books about how great his service was like Jimmy Carter the sunday school teacher that is really a 33rd degree Mason

    • well, in everything I have seen so far Joe Biden doesn't even know where he is half of the time and he sick puppy.

    • A vote for Biden is a vote for Kamala Harris to be your President... Joe doesn't have long on this earth so Harris an unqualified naturalized citizen and devout Marxist will be your next President if Joe Biden is elected.... he will either die in office or be judged incapacitated under the 25th Amendment and removed from office.

    • that is the fact.


  • So much talk about this side or that in central government    :=((

    The real dichotomy is collectivism (read central authority) vs individualism (read entrepreneurism). The USA's greatest successes are and have been in discovering and implementing new things. Entrepreneurs are the doers ... central government should serve them ... the fight, our fight should be to hold government to that role.

    By way of example, centralized health care (so-called) is manifested by the unholy monopolistic alliance of chemical (pharma) medicine and government (FDA, etc.). Our Silicon Valley team of engineers has an entirely different view of medicine (instrumentation of our neural system). We'll be ready 1st quarter of '21. Private system health care beyond national boundaries ... entrepreneurism/capitalism at its finest!

    Ronald Reagan made rugged individualism OK again and Donald Trump is cut from that same stone.

    Questions? Our email is

    • interesting


  • is this true?

  • This election may hinge upon Voter and Election Fraud.... 


  • "Like a toilet seat"! Fabulous! BTW, Miss Whatsherface was NOT fair. I got so sick of her rude interruptions that I had to mute the audio and I wanted to slap her. Gimme a break.

This reply was deleted.