• Why are we letting COMMUNISTS steal our country on us?

  • Stupid by any other name is still Stupid. Mistakes remain Mistakes until admitted and rectified.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • America knows that he is a Brainless Liberal Communist Democrat who is also Corrupt and needs to be in Prison, not the President. God only knows who much America needs Donald Trump back in the office to make America Strong Again and to the world forword.

  • He reads a speech and even messes that up.  And once again proves he is a bigotted ignoramous.  We've lost so much because you Mr. Idiot! 

  • This is senior citizen abuse... the Democrats ran Biden from his basement because he was senile and unfit to hold office.  This appears to be a planned move to further reduce our world image and credibility ... who elects a senile man to hold the highest elected office in the land?  Only a declining and easily managed population would accept both a fraudulent election and a senile President who can barely put two sentences together.

    The question of Kamala Harris's qualifications for President is now a  serious issue... she is not a natural-born citizen... neither of her parents were citizens at her birth and may not have ever been US Citizens... she is a naturalized citizen by act of law... not natural born.  She can not hold the office of President ... that leaves PELOSI another geriatric senile ... America is in real trouble.  The Pentagon is busy sweeping its officer ranks of white supremacists and indoctrinating the rest with CRT... while our enemies are training for war... maybe they can file a racial discrimination case with the UN.

    • I agree, this is abuse.
      He looks and sounds foolish, he doesn't know who he is and where he is most of the time. Everyone sees what is going on with him, but the left doesn't care as long as they can have Obama pulling the strings.

  • Slur your speech joe.  Sounds great coming from a leader.  Those people behind him with their heads down, must have been laughing.  You democrat/socialist/marxist/fascist/communist with no brains, enjoy!

  • There is just something about him that from Kindergarten on, everyone wanted to beat the scrap out of! Even the Teachers! Even the Bus Drivers and in High School, the Cheer Leaders! Dog Pound Rescues would rather die than go home with him. His Goldfish jumped out of their bowls to die on the floor just to get away from him. Drunks won't even panhandle from him. Cats won't even leave a hairball on his pillow. When he was born, his Doctor slapped his face, as it was uglier than his butt. And anyone who voted for him obviously has an I.Q. two points lower than a maggot!

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • Oh, I needed this.......hahahahahahahaha

    • Well Said..... ROFLMAO

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