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  • The guy is a moron that never saw a gun until he was 30..! Maybe not even then..!  I was born and raised with guns and had my own guns at a very young age and was taught to use them 100% corectly..! Everybody in my family were gun owners and guns were a very essential tool for my family... Not One of my family members right down to my Grandfathers, Father, Brothers, Uncles and Cousins NEVER EVER Committed a crime with a Gun..! Guns Were Just Another Everyday Tool In My Entire Family and Still Are..!

  • This man needs... to be deep-sixed, philibustered.  His answer ignores the fact that all criminals were law-abiding until they violate the law.  The reality is that a very small, nearly an infinitesimal number of gun owners, break the law.  

  • As we sit by and look at our constitution being ripped apart little by little... How about putting on the next voting ballot a law that any elected official who swears to uphold the constitution and then speaks out against it in any way loses their citizenship and is put out of the country!

  • This out of the mouth of a person who used flame throwing tanks to destroy the Branch Dividian compound with women and children in the buildings. You have no right to protect yourself in his view. He is the enemy of the 2nd amendment.


  • Nailed it. "strongly worded letters' and news sound bites coupled with NO Action" is exactly what we will get from the feckless Republicans. Too many of them are embedded with the go-along-get-along swamprats.

    • We need more Trump Republicans. Most Republicans in Congress are way too timid.

  • What a stupid thing to say! Chipman should be removed!

  • The person who is a threat to public safety is David Shipman!

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