• It will be normal when we purge ourselves of Statist Pigs like this Usurping P.O.S. PUBLIC FRAUD!

  • Normal will never be in the USA again.   His welcoming committee to every 3rd world person guarantees that herd immunity isn't even a possibility.   He's exempted the carriers from vaccination.   HOW INCOPETENT IS THAT?

  • According to herd immunity observation, YES a quarter of the total population can be unvaccinated.

    That is because a vigorously mutating family like the Corona virus family, can never achieve total herd immunity, and vaccination therfore is a lost cause.

    • There will never be herd immunity with hundreds of thousands of infected UNVACCINATED invading our country as long as the enemy resides in the white house.

  • Things will get back to normal  when we get rid of this creep and his party  .

    • Agreed, IF we last that long

    • Never happened for the Marxists have infiltrated the democrat party and they will continue to infest every aspect of our nation.

      Been doing it very efficiently since Alger Hiss was appointed by FDR as our representative in the drawing up of the UN Charter in that hell hole, San Francisco.

    • That makes two people that know the U.N. has to go. Good luck to us!


    • Biden gets the booster shot?

      Who says?  CNN?  Biden?  His gangsters?  Who says Biden took the first two doses?  Fauci??

      The point in case it escapes.  Why would anyone ever trust anything Biden and his partners in crime state?  Why?

      Has Bill Gates been shot?  How do you know?  Has Fauci?  Really???  How about Gen. Austin and Gen. Milley.  Think so?

    • Lying is the language of the left because they're the party of Satan. Al doubt is gone!


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