• Yes, I think so! Now the libs are blaming Russia, as they always do! 
      more likely China would be complicit than Russia!

      But it does look like a planned attack - to cover up his disastrous decision to stop Keystone pipeline perhaps, with a 

      double benefit of hurting Florida and  making Governor Desantis look bad! Such a terrific governor it's impossible to make him look bad.

      only the avengers make themselves look bad!

    • If Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi all have fuel it is likely contrived... rigged.

    • YEP!!!!

    • Absolutely! 
      They must be doing this to make Governor Desantis look bad - the BEST Governor in this country!

  • WHAT’S NEXT: A vaccination passport to buy gasoline?


    • We need CLASS ACTION LAWSUITS  against this type of dictatorial actions!

  • This is all contrived...

    America is experiencing massive reductions in demand for fossil fuels... The Pandemic has cut fuel consumption by more than 50%... Millions are sheltering at home, commuting to work or school is way down... and economic activity is off by over 40% resulting in massive reductions in fuel consumption.  The Big Energy Companies missed their targeted income stream by massive amounts... They now need to double the retail price of gasoline and home energy to keep their revenue streams at acceptable levels to please their stockholders.  

    The American Public is being SCREWED BY PRICE FIXING... an illegal act.  Big Energy has excess domestic production and refining capacity.  They are capping off oil wells, shutting down exploration and refining levels.  They are anticipating even worse losses in demand as our economy continues to shut down.

    The government needs to go after their price-fixing... there is no shortage of crude or refined products there is only GREED and AVARICE at work in the Corporate board rooms as they see their domestic retail sales dropping dramatically.

    • I agree with you 100% - this smells to high heaven!

    • Me too! These folks are EVIL!!!

  • This will sound like a conspiracy theory, but I wonder how the administration orchestrated this.  I suppose it is not likely, but I wouldn't put anything past this adinistration if they thought it would help to advance there "Green New Deal" agenda.   

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