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Last year Joe Biden bragged about how he coerced Ukraine into firing its top prosecutor Victor Shokin by threatening that the Obama administration would pull $1 billion in U.S. loan guarantees from them.

While this type of interference in a foreign government by the then-Vice President of the United States is highly inappropriate in itself, what makes it even worse is that the prosecutor he got fired was probing a firm for which his son Hunter Biden worked.

A phone call between Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko was leaked on Sept. 15 showing the two former leaders discussing what he could and couldn’t tell the incoming Trump administration, with Biden telling the foreign leader that he wants to stay “deeply engaged” in their diplomatic work as a private citizen.

The New York Post leaked the conversation between ex-Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko and vice-President Biden:

At the end of the conversation, while speaking to the then-vice president, Poroshenko could be heard saying that Biden played “an enormous role in bringing peace to my country, and actually save my country. This is my real feeling.”

Biden thanked Poroshenko for his kind words before divulging some of his plans for after he left the White House.

“Well, you’re awfully generous. I don’t plan on going away. As a private citizen, I plan on staying deeply engaged in the endeavor that you have begun and we have begun.

“At least that’s my objective, that’s my objective. But if I go beforehand, I’m worried that they don’t know enough, they will think I’m trying to game them. They will think I am trying to put them in a corner. They will question my motives in going before they are fully briefed. And I’m sure you understand that, you’re a good negotiator,” Biden said toward the end of the leaked conversation.

If you heard the last part of the conversation where Joe Biden says that he will work as a private citizen with another government official.

Maybe it’s time that we invoke the Logan Act.

Even do the Logan Act is a terrible law, and it has never been invoked for a good reason. It was passed in 1799, during a small undeclared naval war, when a Philadelphia Quaker named George Logan attempted to independently negotiate peace between the United States and France. His efforts undermined the political goals of the ruling Federalist Party, and so the law was enacted as a tool to punish anyone else who attempted to follow in Logan’s footsteps.

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  • Biden is like a criminal that brags about his crimes in a barroom... definitely morally unfit to serve

  • Makes ya feel like Michael Flynn really is getting abused by the swamp.  All he did was talk to Russia a couple weeks prior to taking office.

  • bottom line Joe Biden needs to be in jail point and simple.

    • Would va dungen work? does for me.

  • If the clinton and obama era traitors are not brought to justice you can kiss America goodbye. Every crooked pos in government is learning that they will be able to get away with as much corruption as they can dish up. Right down to selling out our country, selling military secrets, uranium 1, etc. When are we going to have people in office and the doj that have a pair that hillary doesn't have in her lock box with bill's, that can straighten out this mess?

  • Deep Staters and their Kleptocracy can no longer be tolerated.

  • "Even do the Logan Act is a terrible law, and it has never been invoked for a good reason."

    I feel I should disagree to the acts evaluation. The Due-process edge cuts universally. In our Republic, we select folks to act and speak on our behalf giving full faith and confidence, not until anyone of us decides to jump in and unilaterally act for everyone else. That behavior induces chaos and prompts Machiavellian divisiveness as a ploy. As for its actual use........?


    You mean Joe hasn't forgotten them yet?

    Seriously, the "pull my finger" VP may rate the Logan act.

    His clownish antics certainly rate the Laughing act,

    but not as presidential candidate, or president.

    Tragic, and no comparison to the President.

  • Biden is not going to be hiden no more.He is truely a blood sucking SOB.

  • The Biden nepotism reeks to heaven while the msm keeps quiet about it. If Trump did that, the msm would be all over it 24/7. I am so sick of the fake news!!!

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